Updated: Sen. Boxer Says Hertz Only Company to Sign Recall Pledge

In a statement to the press on Tuesday, which can be viewed in CNN's video above, Sen. Barbara Boxer said that in her requests to major car rental companies to sign a recall pledge, responses made by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Avis Budget Group and Dollar Thrifty did not meet her recall pledge statement issued May 7.

Boxer gave the companies 30 days to respond, and said on Tuesday that Hertz was the only company that agreed to the pledge. While she received responses from Avis Budget Group and Enterprise within the 30-day period, she was still waiting on the two companies to “meet the promise in the pledge,” she said in a May 24 statement.

In her interview with CNN, she said Dollar Thrifty wasn't part of the conversation, though Dollar Thrifty did send Boxer a letter June 5, according to documents obtained by Auto Rental News.

On June 5, Enterprise also issued its response and latest letter to Boxer that stated the company does not rent any vehicles subject to a recall notice until the recall has been remedied. In February, prior to Boxer's pledge request, Enterprise made a statement announcing its formal support of federal recall legislation. (You can read the full announcement here.)

As well, in the June 5 letter the company said that it does not sell at retail any vehicle subject to a recall until it has been remedied, and — pursuant to its initial May 22 letter — the company has implemented a policy to remedy any safety recall prior to selling a vehicle at wholesale (provided the vehicle’s damage doesn’t prevent the company from doing so, in which if that is the case, the company will disclose the recall during the purchase process).

Dollar Thrifty's letter stated, "We are supportive of legislation that treats all rental car companies equally and of extending these protections to other for-hire vehicle transportation services." The letter also said that Dollar Thrifty repairs all safety recalls prior to sale of vehicles from its fleet.

On the same day of Boxer’s June 12 press conferences, Avis Budget Group issued a letter to Boxer from Ron Nelson, the company’s chairman and CEO.

“I stated clearly and unequivocally, consistent with your request as well as with our longstanding practices, that we do not and will not rent a vehicle which is subject to an open Motor Vehicle Safety Act recall,” the letter said. “In addition, our longstanding general practice is to not dispose of vehicles in retail or wholesale markets without having the recalled item repaired or taking the steps necessary aimed at keeping the car out of the stream of commerce as a drivable car until the repair is completed by others.”

Nelson said that the company will maintain and continue to improve all policies and practices, and the company will “continue to be an advocate for a federal solution, and we will continue to proffer constrictive input to ensure that the objectives embodied within your pledge request are established clearly and can be complied with by all.” The letter also reiterated Avis Budget’s request that other for-hire transportation companies, such as taxi and livery services, should be included in this legislation.

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  1. Jim Schalberg [ June 13, 2012 @ 01:28PM ]

    This is just another reason why so many do not care what Barbara Boxer or Chuck Schumer

    Calling for the rental car companies to agree to abide by legislation that is not yet law ...oh and not yet introduced as legislation... makes no sense other than to
    show these two have no clue how the real world works.

    Barbara you and Chuck started this and as "law makers" one wonders why you would ask the rental industry if they are going to abide by a law, if the law is passed....

    If… the legislation gets introduced and passed, then signed into law, everybody has to
    run their business according to the law. So asking for someone to abide by the law once it is passed...before it is passed....just seems to me a waste of a good exhale.

    Shouldn't your time be better spent trying to reduce the out of control federal spending
    in your little corner of America.....hey, I'm just saying......

  2. Malcolm Turpin [ June 13, 2012 @ 01:49PM ]

    Amen Jim

  3. J NEEDHAM [ June 13, 2012 @ 02:26PM ]

    This bill sounds like another unpopular one

    that she stated we wouldn't know what was in it until it was passed. RRRRIGHT!

  4. DBarton [ June 13, 2012 @ 02:42PM ]

    Not only does she, but those in power to be Jim, feel that they should be in a position to not only govern,but to controll. Shoot, next they will be seeking a mandatory "federal" inspection of all vehicals within rental fleets and impose yet another "tax" to pay for it and create yet another department to implement.

  5. Tom [ June 13, 2012 @ 05:45PM ]

    Why Hertz would get in bed with Boxer is beyond me. She and her liberal friends are doing more to destroy small business every day. This ill-concieved bill benefits no one and costs the consumer more and more. As a small independent operator I can not even imagine how this bill could be complied with.
    As a business owner it is imperative that our customers are in safe vehicles. Barbara Boxer cannot legislate all the details that we take into account daily for the protection of our customers.

  6. Mark B [ June 18, 2012 @ 07:25PM ]

    As an ABG Technician I can verify that "we do not" rent or dispose of any vehicle with an open safety campain and have had that policy for years. Our vehicles are locked down by the system and have redundancy built into the process to prevent a vehicle from being rented until the recall has been completed. Bill or no bill, we take care of our own and that's something I take great pride in.

  7. Solomon [ June 19, 2012 @ 03:41PM ]

    The irony was pointed out to me that we could turn down a customer who wanted to rent a vehicle, like an impala or crown Victoria, because of an open recall...then watch the customer walk to the taxi stand and get in a cab of the same make/model, but 100,000 miles older with much poorer maintenance.

  8. Mandy [ June 27, 2012 @ 10:06AM ]

    Not everything is about politics folks. My mother was nearly killed in a car crash because there are no such policies in place.(enterprise) Big companies value money far more than human lives. That is the point. Spewing BS politics without knowing WHAT you are talking is ridiculous.Get a blog.

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