Rental Legislation & Regulation

The Legislative Channel covers legislation and regulation concerning the car and truck rental industry, car rental excise taxes, legal issues and American Car Rental Association initiatives.

Committee Proposes Living Wage Initiative at SeaTac

SeaTac Committee for Good Jobs has collected enough signatures for a living wage initiative at SeaTac Airport.


Collision Damage Waiver Bill Passes Both Houses in Illinois

The IL CDW bill would increase the daily fee that Illinois rental companies can charge for CDW.


ACRA Testifies in U.S. Senate on Recall Bill

Representatives from the rental car industry, auto dealers and auto manufacturers spoke at the Senate hearing yesterday.


ACRA Highlights Accomplishments, Challenges at Car Rental Show

The association is actively involved in national legislation on excise taxes, a federal resolution to the recall issue, defense of the Graves Amendment and monitoring of state and local bills.


Rental Car Recall Bill is Reintroduced in the Senate

The Raechel and Jacqueline Houck Safe Rental Car Act of 2013 was filed last week to prohibit rental car companies from renting recalled cars.


Ghana Ministry of Tourism Pushes for Car Rental Industry Grading System

A grading system would help customers choose a car rental company, say directors of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts in Ghana.


Maryland Passes Bill to Improve Collection of Unpaid Tolls

Effective July 1, HB 420 allows the MDTA to issue a $50 citation if a toll goes unpaid for 30 days after receiving notice of the toll due. Failure to pay or contest the citation may lead to suspended registration.


car2go to Draft Proposal for Operations in Torrance, Calif.

The Torrance City Council will determine whether car sharing will expand to Torrance, Calif., upon reviewing car2go’s non-exclusive franchise proposal.


Denver Announces Plans to Expand Car Sharing

Public Works officials presented a plan to the Denver City Council to make it easier for companies to reserve on-street parking for car sharing vehicles throughout the city to continue plans for a car sharing initiative.


Florida Repeals International Driver Permit Law

The state of Florida on April 2 officially repealed a law that made it mandatory for international drivers to carry an International Driving Permit. The law had quietly gone into effect on Jan. 1.


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