Understanding the Exotic Rental Market

As founder and president of Gotham Dream Cars in New York City, Noah Lehmann-Haupt is surrounded by a fleet of cars befitting British royalty or a Saudi oil baron. And when the mood strikes him, he can take a Ferrari Murcielago, Continental GT or the relatively mundane Porsche 911 twin-turbo out for a Sunday spin.

It is one of the perks of owning an exotic car rental company. Yet those moments are tempered with ones like these:

On the day after Christmas, 2004, Lehmann-Haupt was lying in bed when he got a call from the guy renting his Lamborghini Gallardo. Lehmann-Haupt soon found himself staring at the back of a wrecker, with his $175,000 baby “crumpled into a little ball.” No one was hurt; knock on wood. However, “that started a six-month process of waking up every day wondering if I’d get my $175,000 back,” he says. “I had to fight him and his insurance company. They wanted to nullify the contract.”

Though Lehmann-Haupt eventually did get his money back, the story defines the nature of exotic car rentals: It takes plenty of working capital, extra attention to customer service and a healthy appetite for risk.

The Market for Exotics
Being rich is not necessarily the rule when it comes to wanting to tool around in an exotic vehicle for a couple of days. Yes, wealthy clients who own expensive sport cars want to drive a similar type of vehicle when traveling. But the majority of customers who rent specialty cars are those who can’t afford to buy one.

Although Gotham Dream Cars caters to a range of clients, Lehmann-Haupt says many are wives and girlfriends who want to get their husbands and boyfriends a unique birthday or anniversary present.

Another typical client is the 30-something, male small business owner who doesn’t have enough disposable income to purchase an exotic car, he says.

John Kiland, owner of Rent-A-Vette in Las Vegas and San Diego, says his Las Vegas location attracts mostly tourists. At San Diego’s Rent-A-Vette, local clients rent the cars mostly for weekend getaways.

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  19. Scott [ June 21, 2015 @ 07:59AM ]

    Does anyone know what two insurance companies offer the policies for rental fleet insurance for exotic car rentals. It doesn't mention the names of the companies in the article. "Yet very few carriers insure the ultra-exotics such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris. (Petherbridge says only two companies in the country cover the very high-end exotics.)"

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