Entrepreneurs Wanted

How many times have you looked out your branch window at the cars moving through the ready and return lines and thought, “I have the experience and know-how to be doing this for myself?”

Is the next question, “Do I have the working capital and appetite for risk to pull it off?”

Many mid-level RAC managers dream of running their own car rental business as either a franchisee or an independent, yet typically the biggest single obstacle preventing them from fulfilling that dream is limited working capital.

From implementing a new marketing and business plan and selecting and securing a location to sourcing and disposal of vehicles, the idea of striking out on one’s own can be downright daunting.

Yet what if you had a partner with international brand recognition willing to cover vehicle and facility expenses, thereby allowing you to focus solely on managing the operation and business development?

Would you then say, “I can do this”?

Avis Budget Group’s Independent Operator Program is well-suited for those with an entrepreneurial spirit who may not have the financial resources to get a new location off the ground. And the program is not limited to people with car rental company experience.

Independent Operator Program

While the major local market competitor has expanded through corporate-owned stores, and others have enticed their licensees to open smaller (non-airport) locations, Avis Budget decided to increase its brands’ local market presence through a unique, hybrid program.

Initially started by Avis then adopted by Budget when the two companies merged, the Independent Operator Program combines corporate support with local knowledge and entrepreneurial commitment, benefiting both the parent company and the operator.

The key to the program, says Michael White, vice president of local markets for Avis Budget, is selecting operators committed to developing the Avis Budget brands and placing them in local markets. To facilitate this process, the Avis Budget Group takes full responsibility for site selection, facility expenses, rental car sourcing and disposal, training, sales support and risk management issues.

In assuming these responsibilities the company has found that the operator can then focus primarily on customer service and market development. Avis Budget further determined that because the company is providing its expertise to vehicle fleet planning, the operator does not necessarily have to come from a rental car background. In fact, many current operators are from retail, body shops and customer-centric businesses.

While a rental car background may be a positive, Avis Budget has found it much more important to select candidates “with strong community ties and a strong entrepreneurial spirit,” says White.

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  1. Rahman Mahmood [ April 6, 2011 @ 07:03AM ]

    It sounds interesting ,I am willing to pursue it further,my only concern is about the rental market the way I see it that it is moving slowly,I am sure you guys have the real figures and are more knowledgeable in that field.

  2. Landile Tele [ June 14, 2013 @ 03:09AM ]

    My intrest is to be trained and manage avis car rental service

  3. Al aladwani [ September 2, 2013 @ 07:40PM ]

    Interested in further info on independent operator program. Thanks

  4. jeffery [ August 7, 2014 @ 10:33AM ]

    I am willing to explore. Please send more info ?

  5. Barry Kryba [ September 16, 2014 @ 11:57AM ]

    I am interested in the 'Independent Operator Program'.

    Please call at any time: 647-328-6205

    Barry Kryba
    [email protected]

  6. Harry Singh [ October 14, 2014 @ 10:12AM ]

    I am interested in so please provide how to get going. Thanks

  7. Shaida Dawood [ December 1, 2014 @ 01:52AM ]

    Hi I am interested in this program, please share more info, especially on earning potential.
    I am urgently looking at getting into a business opportunity.

  8. Salem abugosh [ December 4, 2014 @ 05:30PM ]

    Interested in getting more info to become independent operator thanks

  9. Mike [ March 24, 2015 @ 05:38PM ]

    I would like more information on this opportunity.

  10. ALVIN CHERRY [ April 2, 2015 @ 01:03AM ]


  11. Ron Lewis [ April 14, 2015 @ 06:54PM ]

    I would be very appreciative if someone would contact me with more information on applying for the independent operator program . I am currently a manager of a jiffy lube franchise , and have over 10 years experience in the car rental industry as a detailer , rental agent and manager. My phone number is 954 696 7372. Thank you and awaiting your response .

  12. Patrick Boudoin [ April 15, 2015 @ 10:33AM ]

    Hi And i hope your day is grate
    I am interested in this program, please share more info, especially on earning potential. I am urgently looking at getting into a business opportunity.

  13. salim [ May 14, 2015 @ 04:26AM ]

    Very interested please give me more details about this program.

  14. Michael Clark [ May 24, 2015 @ 07:55PM ]

    Hope to own a franchise soon

  15. Le [ August 11, 2015 @ 02:05PM ]

    I am interested in the independent operator program. Could you please send me information.

  16. Jim Talbert [ September 8, 2015 @ 08:56AM ]

    My email is [email protected], it is too long to fit above. I am looking for someone to operate an Avis or Budget rental car venture at the Alamogordo White sands regional airport in Alamogordo New Mexico. It has been a small one person operation that has done about $30,000 total revenue per month. Growth can be expected by communicating with Holloman AFB, 5 miles west of the location. There is only one other rental car company in the City. This would be a great expantion opurtunity for the operators in Roswell, Las Cruces or El Paso. If you are interested, please email me or call me, Jim Talbert, Airport Manager, 575-551-6245.

  17. roger farraj [ October 21, 2015 @ 11:12AM ]

    please call me interested in your program 626-627-7274

  18. Sri [ October 29, 2015 @ 02:25PM ]

    Please call me interested in the program (901)216-5574

  19. demi Animashaun [ December 12, 2015 @ 09:11AM ]

    Interested in your agent operator program

  20. demi Animashaun [ December 12, 2015 @ 09:13AM ]

    Pls call me. interested in agent operator program,6173478351,demi

  21. AJ [ January 6, 2016 @ 03:39PM ]

    interested in 'independent Operator Program'....please provide more details ASAP.


  22. AJ [ January 6, 2016 @ 03:41PM ]

    interested in 'independent Operator Program'....please provide more details ASAP. FYI, I am currently involved with Car Sales/Purchase!


  23. AJ [ January 6, 2016 @ 03:43PM ]

    interested in 'independent Operator Program'....please provide more details ASAP. FYI, I am currently involved with Car Sales/Purchase!


  24. John Hora [ January 9, 2016 @ 11:55AM ]

    Would like to know about rental cars for our area.
    Enterprise operates in my area but puts you on a waiting list more often than not. As an example I am on a waiting list for a rental while my vehicle is in the body shop. After waiting 3 days I still have not been contacted. I gave them 3 numbers to assure getting me. Now the office is closed until Monday. It appears they have more business than they can handle. I would love to compete with them. I'm a retired successful business person.
    A detailed response will be appreciated.

    John Hora

  25. John Hora [ January 9, 2016 @ 12:01PM ]

    See coment posted January 9, 2016 at approx 1:55 PM. Please provide information regarding Avis operator possibilities

    John Hora
    [email protected]

  26. Angela [ March 10, 2016 @ 12:41PM ]

    Please call interested in the program. 347-703-3906

  27. Michelle [ March 20, 2016 @ 08:59AM ]

    Requesting additional information. Please email [email protected] Thank you.

  28. Irfan Mir [ March 27, 2016 @ 11:30PM ]

    interested in 'independent Operator Program'....please provide more details ASAP.

  29. James Carter [ March 28, 2016 @ 12:43PM ]

    I am very interested in the Independant Operator Program. Please contact me or send me an info email. Thank You

  30. Jeff Wengeler [ April 1, 2016 @ 10:56AM ]

    Interested in more information... 218-689-7240

  31. Nicholas ONeal [ April 26, 2016 @ 06:12PM ]

    Please send me information on starting an Avis franchise

  32. Mayur [ April 30, 2016 @ 09:18AM ]

    Please send me information on starting an Avis franchise in Canada. Thanks!

  33. Alonzo Evans [ April 30, 2016 @ 03:33PM ]

    Please forward me the information on the independent operating program

  34. Treva Sturdivant [ May 16, 2016 @ 12:03PM ]

    I am interested in your independent operator program.

  35. Keane Mclean [ July 3, 2016 @ 09:54PM ]

    I am interested in this program mentioned above. Thanks

  36. Mohan Hathiramani [ July 11, 2016 @ 06:41PM ]

    I am interested in your independent operator program
    in Atlanta Ga - I prefer with 10 to 15 miles distance
    from Zip 30126

  37. Andy [ July 13, 2016 @ 12:07PM ]

    I own run a postal business in Tomball, TX near Houston and I am striving to grow this business by adding beneficial businesses like Avis car rental agency. As such, I am interested in participating in your agency opportunity and will appreciate if you can help me by giving me a chance to add this great opportunity to my business. Please provide me with more information about what I need to do to get on board.

    I sent a message to the supposed person in charge of my area but the email bounced back for some reason. Please send me more information on how to get started on this opportunity.

    I look forward to further information on the path forward from you.

  38. Hadi [ July 17, 2016 @ 11:19PM ]

    What is the next step to avail the opportunity. I'm from Bangladesh. I believe there are lot of opportunity here.

  39. Liz Pastrano [ July 29, 2016 @ 09:59PM ]

    I'm very much interested in becoming an independent operator somewhere in Escondido, San Marcos or Oceanside, Ca. I am also willing to relocate in LA county. Hoping to hear from you soonest.

  40. James C [ August 14, 2016 @ 01:37PM ]

    I am interested in becoming an independent operator.Tampa,Florida area.

  41. Kamil Alameddine [ September 12, 2016 @ 02:49PM ]

    I am very interested in this opportunity as independent operator program. I am willing to contribute in cost and is ready to start right away.
    I am willing to operate in any location you find appropriate in Michigan.Please call for arranging a meeting or phone call to discuss the opportunity in detail. Please call: Kamil at +1 313-456-5657 Thanks

  42. Jeanette [ September 19, 2016 @ 11:00AM ]

    I am very interested in this opportunity as independent operator program near Renton, WA

  43. lamia davis [ October 5, 2016 @ 04:46AM ]

    very interested in becoming a independent contractor for your company

  44. Bruce Young [ November 24, 2016 @ 08:27PM ]

    I am interested in the independent operators program in the Northern Virginia area. Please contact me with more information. Thank you, Bruce Young 571-331-6363 mobile

  45. Mohammed Jahirul islam [ January 14, 2017 @ 06:55AM ]

    I M very interested to operate a exclusive car rental business in Bangladesh independently or corporate. Please provide me with more information about what I need to do to get on board.cell no:0088 01721 626274.Thanks

  46. Emmanuel Karinda [ January 14, 2017 @ 01:16PM ]

    Interested in becoming a independent contractor for your company please advise

  47. Dale Roller [ January 22, 2017 @ 07:14PM ]

    Please email me on purchasing an Avis Rent-A-Car business franchise. I am interested and have most everything needed to become a successful owner.

  48. Richard Trumble [ March 9, 2017 @ 08:30AM ]

    I work for an auto body shop and the owner is looking into opening a rental car store at our shop. We live in a tourist mountain town in SW Colorado and we only have one rental place in town, Enterprise. Would like as much information as possible and reasons why this would or wouldn't be a good opportunity. Thanks

  49. Kenneth Hatlee [ March 9, 2017 @ 11:21AM ]

    I am the Avis Budget Group Talent Acquisition Manager responsible for Agency Operator recruitment. If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or visit our Careers site at avisbudgetgroup.jobs . I hope to hear from you soon.

  50. Anthony Evans [ March 22, 2017 @ 07:54AM ]

    Im interested in your owner operator program

  51. Rodney Folmar [ March 28, 2017 @ 11:22AM ]

    Hello Anthony. I'm interested in becoming an Avis operator. How do I apply. Thanks

  52. Peter Gibbs [ March 30, 2017 @ 01:05AM ]

    'm interested in becoming an Avis operator.
    How do I apply.

  53. Alba Berlanga [ April 18, 2017 @ 08:16PM ]

    More information in budget / Avis operator program

  54. daryl mondaine [ April 19, 2017 @ 07:12AM ]

    I have an existing business in high traffic area and is m thinking. About combining my budget truck bussines with car renting bussines I was wondering. Is that allowed if so I would like more info

  55. Shamara Capitolin [ April 30, 2017 @ 05:14PM ]

    Hello, I am very interested in the owner operator program. Can I have someone give me a call or an email or contact number that I may reach someone? Kind thanks!

  56. Eddie [ May 26, 2017 @ 11:41AM ]

    I'm looking for more information

  57. Russell Ceballos [ July 21, 2017 @ 05:23AM ]

    I am looking for more info and to sign up

  58. Rick Fletcher [ August 1, 2017 @ 12:24PM ]

    I am a former Avis employee, having worked in fleet distribution, sales, and rental sales. I then participated in the owner/operator program in New Mexico in the late 80's, early 90's with two locations. I am interested in re-entering the program. Any new information would be appreciated.

  59. Alex Nanjwani [ August 9, 2017 @ 09:32AM ]

    I would like to request more information. Kindly email me or leave me a number and I can connect. Thank you

  60. Kelly and Mike Hoffman [ September 1, 2017 @ 06:02PM ]

    My husband and I are interested in the program. I am currently working for another national franchise and would like to so it on my own. We would like more info and to know if there is a need for this in our area.

  61. Kelly and Mike Hoffman [ September 1, 2017 @ 06:03PM ]

    We are interested in this opportunity. Would like more info

  62. Carlos DeJesus [ September 4, 2017 @ 09:45AM ]

    I am seeking information on owning my own franchise. Can you help?

  63. Aaron Boughton [ September 11, 2017 @ 11:25AM ]

    I'm very interested in the program. I'd like more information on it.

  64. Donnie Brown [ October 5, 2017 @ 06:58AM ]

    I'm interested in starting my own business

  65. Siphiwe Nene [ October 20, 2017 @ 07:51AM ]

    Im currently an Avis employee in operations dept. (SA) and interested on this program. Please send me the relevent information A.S.A.P. Cont. +27630617553

  66. Samantha Mumphery [ November 2, 2017 @ 08:07AM ]

    I'm interested in starting my own business

  67. Trevor Mokhuoane [ November 14, 2017 @ 04:15AM ]

    I would like to know more about the program and how to get started ASAP.

  68. Trevor Mokhuoane [ November 14, 2017 @ 04:15AM ]

    I am very interested please contact me ASAP.

  69. Albert Phillips [ December 5, 2017 @ 01:35PM ]

    Please contact me concerning this opportunity

  70. Noni Shabalala [ December 27, 2017 @ 12:30PM ]

    I am very much interested and would request more information on the program please

  71. Timothy Berry [ December 28, 2017 @ 05:28PM ]

    Very interested in learning more thank you

  72. Zoheb Mohammed [ January 8, 2018 @ 05:44PM ]

    Please contact me ASAP very interested

  73. Zulfi shahid [ February 1, 2018 @ 03:56PM ]

    Hi I would like to get more information please 07813817704

  74. Angelo Giacomo [ February 6, 2018 @ 01:45PM ]

    Please contact me ASAP very interested. 914-834-8006

  75. Sanele [ March 20, 2018 @ 02:36PM ]

    +27 31 825 2352 pls contact me

  76. Steven Boxrud [ March 20, 2018 @ 02:43PM ]

    Extremely interested please contact me ASAP

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