Car Rental Q&A: How to Harness Social Media, Prevent Customer Profiling and Deal with Floods of New Applicants

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Q: It seems as if we are getting blessed with a wide variety of candidates for car rental frontline positions. What are some items we should consider while going through the selection process?
Jeff T. - Independent Car Rental,
South Florida

A: Now is the time to find the best talent for your operation. Good candidates are out there and are coming our way because of the spike in unemployment. As well, people are in search of a quality company in an established industry; it is about time our industry caught at least one break!

Keeping these items in mind will help you and your team in the selection process:

1. Define your unique recruitment proposition: Knowing why your organization is a great organization to join and defining the main advantages of career development, compensation structure and personal growth, are just as important as knowing when and who to hire.

2. Look for candidates with the SEE Factor: Three key attributes that all candidates for a service-based sale role should have are sincerity, empathy and ego. These traits can easily be determined through an interview process. Sincere candidates build relationships and demonstrate them; empathetic candidates understand people and can build rapport very quickly; and ego-driven candidates want to be recognized for results and held accountable. These attributes can be found when they are presented with behavioral-based interview questions. Open-ended questions that allow the candidate to expand on their experiences of being sincere, empathetic or motivated by recognition are most effective if presented in the second interview stage.

3. Beware of too much frontline experience: “Journeymen” sales associates who approach you for employment may bring more baggage and questionable sales techniques than value. Ask these candidates to role play the rental process, check for their dialogues and see if they have been through any professional service-based sales training. Having a defined service-based sales training process will allow you and your recruitment team to think outside the box and look for candidates with very diverse non-car rental experience.

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