How To Present the Positives of the Auto Rental Industry

Here are five good reasons to show job recruits that the car and truck rental industry offers a promising and dynamic career path.

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If you had the opportunity to encourage your son or daughter to pursue a career in an industry that globally employs more than 140,000 professionals, presents an unlimited career path, is closely tied into the one product the majority of humans love, is positively changing with innovations in technology, and is not going away, would you do it? The industry is your industry; it is the car and truck rental industry.

Your ability to focus on the positive growth aspects of the industry and the opportunities available to candidates can drastically impact the outcome of your recruitment campaigns. Here are five of the many positive reasons why our industry is a good one to be employed in.

1. The Industry is Not Disappearing
The car rental industry is only evolving and will not disappear. Our industry recognition and value to our customers is strong. Candidates and customers alike understand the basics of what the industry is about and the established brands are very recognizable. Strong growth continues in the car-sharing segment, local market- and dealership-based operations.

The recent success of many independent operators is a testament to the evolution of the industry, while auto rental companies big and small benefited from the recent trend in used car values, as well as trends in higher rates. From a volume perspective, in 2011 the industry achieved record rental revenue. Fortunately for industry operators, all three U.S. auto manufacturers ended the year in the black!

Understand the manufacturer’s impact, the competitive landscape, the broad state of the economy and your local customer mix. This insight will help your candidates see the bigger picture and what they are going to soon be joining. Although many in the industry may see these positive changes within their market space and respective brands, it is critical that you incorporate these evolutions into your recruitment message.

2. Many Career Paths to Follow
If you have candidates who want to write their own career ticket, there is no better industry than ours. Opportunities exist in operations, finance, car sales, service-based sales, risk management, recovery, training and development, human resources, fleet administration and other specialties. Whether you represent a large corporate operation or an independent, all these career paths are available for new candidates.

Some of the most effective recruiters and general managers have very telling career stories that they intertwine into their recruitment message. Whether your story is centered on working as a top performer at the counter, moving your way up through different management roles or working your way through school, it is important that your story excites the candidate about the opportunity in front of them.

3. The People & Challenges
This is not an industry for the introverted, meek or thin-skinned. The most effective frontline associates, service agents and managers have the ability to connect with, motivate and influence their co-workers and customers. Frontline associates have roughly five minutes to interact with new customers from all walks of life, present their products and services, overcome objections and then do it all over again while striving to be the most positive person in the customer’s day.

Service associates have to contend with the elements while checking in the vehicles, inspecting for damage and providing directions while interacting with customers who are in a hurry. Operations managers have to ensure the operation is moving, motivate team members, monitor service levels and complete day-to-day administrative functions while working with tight fleet and staffing situations.

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