Economy Rent A Car Opens in Orlando

Photo courtesy of Economy Rent A Car.
Photo courtesy of Economy Rent A Car.

Economy Rent A Car has teamed up with Signature Rent-A-Car to open its newest affiliate location in Orlando, Fla.

"We are excited about our continued expansion, and this will be our first location that will also offer airport parking," said Alejandro Muniz, president of Economy Rent A Car.

"Working with a rapidly growing international company like Economy Rent A Car is exciting, and we look forward to growing together in the Orlando market," said Clark Girges, president and CEO of Signature Rent A Car.

Economy currently has more than 25 U.S. locations, including Miami, Honolulu, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Minneapolis.

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  1. orlando airport taxi [ September 24, 2014 @ 10:58PM ]

    Looking forward about this in the market.

  2. richard goldstein [ July 7, 2015 @ 08:27AM ]

    Economy has teamed up with a company that forces you to pay for bogus "loss of use" insurance when you get to the Signature rental counter. This is fraud. And it's under Economy's name. I am filing consumer fraud complaints against both companies.

  3. Brian Caskey [ January 22, 2016 @ 01:05AM ]

    I have already posted all over Facebook and called Expedia and will continue to tell anyone who will listen about the scam you are running! I have plenty of time to cover all of the social media sites. You won't be in business long

  4. Brian Caskey [ January 22, 2016 @ 01:20AM ]

    I wish I would have read all the bad reviews first

  5. Maryellen filli [ January 27, 2016 @ 09:03AM ]

    Absolutely carefully reconsider before using this place. Long lines, understaffed, questionable service. Not a deal!!!

  6. Nicole [ February 10, 2016 @ 05:46AM ]

    Me and my fiancé are from NY and rented a car ahead of time through a travel website through Economy for our trip to Orlando FL and this was the most terrible experience ever! It took them a half hour before they picked us up in the shuttle then once to their location we waited over an hour to be waited on. Once we were waited on they told us that in order to use their car we had to pay 2000 dollars to use our extra coverage, that we were already paying for, on the car. After waiting so long and experiencing the awful service we left and had them transport us back to the airport. We were able to rent a car within 10 minutes from dollar. I wish I looked at all the bad reviews beforehand. NEVER rent with Economy car rental!

  7. Mary [ April 26, 2016 @ 05:21PM ]

    Do not do business with his company unless you have absolutely no choice. They may sometimes be the lowest price, but their practices are deceptive and they bank on profiting off the misinformation of customers. Everyone knows how rental cars work. At least you think you do until you run into this company. Be prepared to have a copy of your insurance policy either in print or via web. Be prepared to be kicked out of their offices and have them threaten to call the policy of you question their policies and talk back when they insult you and your family. Travelling and booking travelling is a big part of my job and I have never encountered such an awful company. Stay away.

  8. Andy [ June 1, 2016 @ 06:39AM ]

    Absolutely unethical business that is the worst rated car rental company in FL, possibly in the whole country. How these people are still in business, or even how they sleep at night, is a complete mystery.

  9. Korri [ June 24, 2016 @ 12:47PM ]

    DO NOT BOOK!! DO NOT BOOK!! DO NOT BOOK!! DO NOT BOOK!! DO NOT BOOK!! I'd never been a victim of extortion...until now. My family of 6 has been at a 2 day stand-still waiting for the van that we reserved 2 months ago. In these two days, Steven G., the manager, told us the van would be delivered to my mothers' house. He cancelled the final supposed delivery because my husband posted a negative review on FB; we're being penalized for free speech. In the meantime, we're still waiting and can't do anything without the right vehicle. They've got our credit card number and have already billed for the fraudulent insurance that we were forced to pay for - a $300 vehicle cost $700 with insurance. When we turn the van back in, we'll persue them and Priceline for extortion and unethical business practices. This is nothing short of a mob. It's a helpless feeling and they've actually ruined a family vacation. I'll smile for now...and then I'm going to the top on this.

  10. john [ July 13, 2016 @ 01:21PM ]

    This is what i wrote to in regard to Signature Economy Car rental in orlando:

    We finally finished our nightmare vacation to Orlando with your booking, unfortunately, we are so regret to book our trip with you, you totally ruined it!

    I have called and talked you number of time during our stay in Orlando about our issues with Signature Economy car rental. The issues are below:

    Picking up the car

    We got Orlando 2 hours delay and we never know the Signature is not in the airport. I guess at least I didn’t see the reminder either from you expedia nor from the dealer websites. We waited there for pickup nearly 30 min till the bus come and when we got there at Signature, it has been 2am, July 8.

    When we step into the lobby, there was one couple in front of us, so we waited there for another 30 min. when it was our turn, we told the agent we had booking number via expedia, then the man asked us to pay insurance at $19.00 per day and he would not pay attention to what we explain to him and our paid premier insurance we purchased via, he said those insurance does not apply to his company only.

    So we have to pay another insurance under his pressure with my credit card. While I signed on the electronic pad for the payment, he did not tell my he will use this signature directly to the rental agreement. After I signed, he did not give me any receipt nor a piece of paper for the agreement. Upon my asking, he obtained my email address and told me he will send the receipt via email to me.

    And then, he throw car key to the counter and pointed out to the outside telling us car is ready for picking up. So without any car inspection, we carried our luggage and walked to the car ourselves. While I loading the luggage, my wife suddenly found out there are no gas at all, and washer light is on. So I went back to the lobby ask the man. While he was dealing with another customer, he simply told me you may return the car in the same way with no gas.

    As a rule, any rental car should be with full tank for in and out, plus it has been 2:30am, we are new there and no idea where we may find the gas station. While I talked to him, my wife told me there are some damages and scratches on the car.

    This man who name is Jose told me he is by himself and can’t handle these things along, if I keep asking these problem, he may cancelled my reservation and let us out there. I asked him if he want us to call the police to solve these issues, he said please to do so or he may call 911 for us because we argue with him.

    We took off our luggage and called 911. While we were waiting for police, the man’s helper feel very panic and beg us to cancel the call, he’ll physically direct us to the gas station. He also filled 2 bottles of bottle water into the washer to off the light. At this moment, it has been close to 3am, it has been more than 15 hours since we left home, my wife and I have been very exhausted.

    This man Jose drove another van to us and told us this is the only one with the gas. And resend the email to me, then I suddenly found out my credit card signature was showed on the agreement (attached) which is totally blank one except our name and contact! He even did not explain why we were charged for US$228.+ for the total.

    We comprised at last and took the car and drove to the gas station.

    Because the agreement was left blank, I feel I was been fraud, so by the same day around 10am, we drove back to the Signature, that man wasn’t in, there was another guy Mark, who claimed him as supervisor talked to us. We told him our concern and he gave us an walk through on the car, and I took a video shot on it.

    Caught by the police

    By the 3rd day in Orlando, we were on the way to beach where will take us about 2 hours driving. The police car stopped us on the street where it has been 45 min far from our hotel. The officer told us our plate has expired by June 30 and would extend a ticket for US$116. Because we proved we were just there by showing him the itinerary, he changed his mind and extend an verbal warning instead but ask us must return to dealer right way to make a change.

    We returned to the Signature, without saying any apologies to us, the staff just gave us a new sticker and kicked us out.


    As the returning, we thought we may have a chance talk to their management, but there is no one pay attention to us, and just like nothing happened, and we paid full price to end there.

    With all of frustration, stress and anger, we back to home yesterday due to the flight delay again and we spent one extra night at Phoenix.

    These are all we experienced from your expdeia booking. I would say:



    These bad experience with and Signature Economy is deserved to be known and shared with everyone over the internet.

  11. Victor [ August 13, 2016 @ 11:04AM ]

    Please please please read this reviews before doing business with this company. They will make you wait, lied to you and then rob you blind. When you call back to do any type of claim, they will put you on hold and hung up on you. They might seem cheaper that other companies but the price you end up paying it just no worth the trouble they make you experienced.

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