Change Log

Date:  11/4/2015
Feature:  After Download - List page
Site:  Fleet Group & HDT
More Info:  After downloading a whitepaper, a list populates of other whitepapers for easy download 

Date:  11/4/2015
Feature:  Added Dig Deeper embedded story widget
Site:  Fleet Group & HDT
More Info:  Encourage readers to delve into more content by linking articles, research and more

Date:  10/21/15
Feature:  FleetShare Widget/Feed added
Site:  Government Fleet
More Info:  To increase traffic to FleetShare a widget has been embedded to include latest topics/docs shared

Date:  10/21/15
Feature:  Leasing channel renamed to Funding
Site:  Government Fleet
More Info:  All instances of the Leasing channel have been renamed to Funding, ad server updated as well

Date:   7/22/15
Feature:   Change Log Added
More Info:   Come to this page to view the latest feature developments, changes, or updates made on both the website and CMS


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