July/August 2010

Cover Story

Guaranteed Reservations: Are We Ready?

by Valyn Perini

No-show fee implementation has recently turned from discussion to action as car rental companies, trade organizations, online travel agencies and global distribution systems work together to solve the technological hurdles. But can the car rental industry manage the change as a customer-friendly initiative?

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Getting Into Vans?

By Chris Brown

While 12- and 15-passenger vans offer great earning potential, they require more time and labor and come with greater risk and responsibility. It’s not a business for the casual car rental operator.

Developments in Negligent Entrustment Law

By Michael LaPlaca

Are increases in negligent entrustment lawsuits a result of injured plaintiffs blocked by the Graves Amendment?

Unlimited Miles or Mileage Caps

By Jim Schalberg

To answer this question you must decide: Are you in the used-car business and happen to rent cars, or are you in a rental business that happens to sell cars?

What’s Your Big Idea?

By Chris Brown

At the 2010 Car Rental Show, Jim Tennant of the Tennant Group held a profit idea session in which six products, services and ideas were presented that operators could bring home and employ in their businesses. Seminar attendees voted on the best idea. The winner, Sarah Romanowski of Ride Share Systems LLC, received a free pass to a future Car Rental Show. These six concepts could reduce expense and boost your bottom line.

Guaranteed Service for a Guaranteed Reservation

By Bob Barton

When it comes to no-show fees, the car rental industry needs to demonstrate a commitment to customer service and value with a “satisfaction guaranteed or your money back” promise.

House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Bill to End Discriminatory Car Rental Taxes

By Chris Brown

H.R. 4175 prohibits states or local governments from levying or collecting a discriminatory tax on motor vehicle rentals.


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