May/June 2012

Cover Story

2012 Car Rental Show Goes Big and Goes Global

by Chris Brown and Joanne Tucker

In this recap of the 17th annual Car Rental Show, check out the main takeaways from keynote speakers, browse photos and read what attendees say they gained.

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Niche and Famous - Exotic Car Rental Company Blossoms in L.A.

By Tariq Kamal

With the help of his general manager and lucrative partnerships with hotels, movie studios and body shops, Sam Zaman has built Black and White Car Rental into a luxury rentals landmark.

Bogus Claims Hurt the Industry’s Reputation

By Chris Elliott

Christopher Elliott, a traveler advocate, narrows in on damage claims that he says threaten customer trust in the car rental industry.


Guest Editorial: Embrace Technology, or Else

By Bob Barton

Delta’s new Basic Economy service shows we need to adopt similar technology to assist with marketing and performance metrics.

Car Rental Q&A: Your Frontline Associates - How to Hire and How to Keep Them Motivated

By Frontline Performance Group

Hiring frontline candidates at your car rental operations isn't always easy — nor is keeping your current associates motivated. The Frontline Performance Group gives some quick tips on how to help with both.

Product and Vendor News: Full Like-Kind Exchange Service Can Enhance Your Cash Flow

By Staff

Businesses with extensive asset portfolios that routinely dispose of assets on a regular basis at a gain (e.g., equipment leasing or rental car companies) may decide to set up an LKE program to access the gain deferral allowed under Section 1031.

Product and Vendor News: Global Fuel Recycling’s Fuel Recovery Method Now Patent Approved

By Staff

Using its patented Defueling Key technology by simply plugging into the OBDII port found under the dash, Global Fuel Recycling’s software communicates with the car’s onboard computer to run the fuel pump until the fuel level reaches a preset level and then shuts the fuel pump off.

Product and Vendor News: Bluebird Announces New Blog

By Staff

All Bluebird users are encouraged to sign up for updates by submitting their name and a valid email address.

ACRA: Heed the Call for Legislative Change

By American Car Rental Association

At the 2012 Car Rental Show, Congressman Sam Graves encouraged us to get involved in legislation by contacting our Congress members. From the corporate level to small operators to individuals in the industry, we all need to take action.

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A Seminal Moment for the Global Car Rental Industry

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