July/August 2012

Cover Story

How Is Car Rental Faring with Low Vehicle Supply, High Prices?

by Chris Brown

As the market adapts to an era of restricted supply, car rental companies hone the process of buying and selling cars to keep fleet costs in line.

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How to Secure Your Car Rental Lot with Today’s Technology

By Joanne M. Tucker

Four companies give insight into technology that’s effectively securing their vehicle lots. From computer-based camera systems and energy-saving lighting systems to a new form of night watchman, prevented thefts and better employee monitoring have increased their ROI.

Hertz Sends Call Center Agents Home

By Joanne M. Tucker

After three years of offering agents the option to work from home, more than half of Hertz’s U.S. reservation sales specialists now work remotely.

Abrams Consulting Celebrates 30 Years in the Car Rental Industry

By Chris Brown

Neil Abrams takes stock of the industry he’s helped shape for more than 30 years.


ACRA: Where Would Your Company Be If These Bills Became Law?


Every year erroneous bills that could negatively impact your car rental business are proposed by various state legislators. Thankfully, many of the bills are fought off by ACRA and never become law.

Car Rental Q&A: Are Hybrids Good for My Rental Fleet?

By Eckhaus Fleet

Q: What do you think about hybrids for my rental fleet?

Product and Vendor News: Introducing Customized LDW Pricing from LexisNexis

By Staff

The solution helps consumers by offering an individualized LDW rate with the potential for lower rates based on their risk factors.

Product and Vendor News: Bluebird Re-Defines ‘Web-based’

By Staff

Bluebird makes use of your local client PC resources instead of routing everything through the server. This has many benefits including being able to print to any device on your local client’s network.

Product and Vendor News: microGreen’s New Extended Drain Oil Filters Can Reduce Oil Use by 70%

By Staff

Extensive testing has been done on the product including 20 million miles of oil analysis and more than 300 million miles of on-road use.

Product and Vendor News: Auto Rental Solutions Announces 2013 Profit Builders Program

By Staff

The membership-based program consists of quarterly meetings, designed for the owners and operators and managers of off-airport rental car operations.

Product and Vendor News: Rate-Highway Provides Revenue Management Services for All Brands

By Staff

The Rate Concierge service provides increased profitability by applying on-the-spot revenue strategy adjustments.


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