March/April 2014

Cover Story

How to Explain Loss of Use to an Insurance Company

by Chris Brown

To effectively recover loss-of-use damages from an insurance company, it's necessary to take a deep dive into the nuances of loss-of-use theory, its legal precedents and the rhetoric to shape the argument.

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High Life Auto Rental Makes Strides in Arizona Market

By Amy Winter

A young entrepreneur grows up in car rental and strikes out on his own.

The Game Has Changed — Have You?

By Craig Scurato

It's time to stop complaining about Obamacare and start using it to increase profit.

How to Limit Employment Law Exposure

By Richard D. Alaniz

With claims on the rise, employers need to understand the areas of greatest potential liability to help limit their employment law-related exposure before a charge is filed or a lawsuit is served.


Rental Companies at Seattle-Tacoma Airport Fight Living Wage Measure

By Kelsey Nolan

After Proposition 1 marginally passed, a judge ruled the measure only applies to transportation and hospitality workers in the city of SeaTac, Wash., not at the airport. RACs are included in the exemption.

The Growth of Prepaid Reservations

By Chris Brown

Prepaid reservations are growing, albeit slowly. Perfecting the model to balance customer service, utilization and profits is where the challenge lies.

Sales Slowdown Leads to Specter of Overcapacity

By Chris Brown

Auto manufacturers are ready to pump out more cars. Could this mean higher incentives and lower residuals?

Car Rental Q&A: Extended Insurance Questions

By Auto Rental News

This extended Q&A addresses typical questions faced by car rental operators regarding all facets of insurance.

Damage Claims: An Accident Waiting to Happen

By Sharky Laguana

We need to self-regulate the damage claims process before legislators do it for us.

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