May/June 2014

Cover Story

Industry Convenes 2014 Car Rental Show

by Amy Winter

Some 800 attendees from across the globe gathered to gain inspiration, network and evolve in an ever-changing industry — where customer preferences and technology are driving growth.

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2014 Car Rental Show Attendees Speak Out

By Amy Winter

Auto Rental News caught up with Car Rental Show attendees for answers to our burning questions.

When Your Rental Car is Used in a Crime

By Wesley D. Hurst and Melissa Ho

If you find evidence of a possible crime in your vehicle, do you know your obligation to cooperate with authorities and how best to respond to a subpoena? Following these best practices will guide you.

In Your Own Words: Operators Manage Security Issues

By Chris Brown and Amy Winter

From lot thefts and employee scams to fuel fraud, car rental operators share their security issues and how they solved them.

Ways to Mitigate Employee Crime

By Ken Stellon

By establishing multi-step interviewing strategies, implementing operational safeguards and fostering a supportive work environment, you will go a long way to lower your potential employee theft risk.


Hertz, Avis Budget Forecast 2014

By Chris Brown

In their most recent conference calls, Avis Budget Group and Hertz gave an outlook on pricing, fleet costs, the used car market and fleet optimization strategies.

Remarketing Deja Vu: Will the Resale Market of 2016 be a Repeat of 2002?

By Mike Antich

The dynamics in today's market are eerily familiar to the resale value softness that occurred in the last decade. It appears that we are on the same trajectory, with off-lease volumes peaking in 2016.

Vehicle Recalls Reach 9-Year High

By Chris Brown

While the total number of recalled vehicles hit 21.9 million vehicles in 2013, 2014 is on pace to break the record.

Car Rental Q&A: How Can My Rental Company Prevent Credit Card Fraud?

By Kraig Palmer

Kraig Palmer, a detective with the California Highway Patrol/San Diego Regional Auto Theft Task Force (RATT), provides tips for car rental companies to recognize whether a credit card is manufactured or altered.

It's Been 7 Years

By Bob Barton

The changes during my tenure with ACRA show the dynamic nature of this industry.

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The Customer Isn’t Always Right

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