May/June 2016

Cover Story

Paths to Corporate Sustainability

by Chris Brown

In a new era of sustainable business practices, the three largest car rental companies share guiding principles and best practices that make both environmental and economic sense.

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'Going Green' to Save Green

By Amy Winter-Hercher

From paper and energy reduction plans to solar power, car rental operators are conserving resources and also benefitting their bottom line.

International Car Rental Show Addresses Industry Hot Topics

By Amy Winter-Hercher

Designed for the car rental industry worldwide, the 21st annual International Car Rental Show tackled issues such as the recently passed recall legislation, national security, and global expansion.

Creating an Eco-Friendly Car Wash

By Amy Winter-Hercher

When looking for a more sustainable way to wash cars, consider making modifications such as washing cars less frequently, cleaning cars off-site at a local car wash, or installing an on-site wash that regulates or recycles the water.


Assessing the Impact of Changes to Overtime Rules in 2016

By Richard D. Alaniz

In addition to an increased number of recent wage and hour filings in federal court, the Department of Labor is proposing a dramatic revamping of the "white collar" exemptions test. Are you prepared?

Autonomous Vehicles: Understanding Liability for Car Rental (Part II)

By Mark Mackey

To date, the car rental industry has been mostly left out of the picture regarding autonomous vehicles and liability. It's time to consider these issues well before autonomous vehicles are deployed.

Car Rental Q&A: What's the Biggest Threat to Car Rental in the Next Year?

By International Car Rental Show Attendees

We asked several International Car Rental Show attendees for insights into their businesses in 2016 and the industry in general.

Here's What You Missed

By Sharon Faulkner

If you weren't at the 2016 International Car Rental Show, you missed understanding firsthand how new trends, threats, opportunities, legislation, and products and services will affect your business.


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