September/October 2016

Cover Story

So You Think You Want to Become a Franchisee?

by Chris Brown

Our rental franchise veterans share their decision-making processes to become franchisees and common challenges to growing successful operations.

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Franchisor, Franchisee, and Vicarious Liability

By Leslie J. Pujo and Wesley D. Hurst

In what ways can a franchisor be held liable for the actions of its franchisees? We take a look at recent vicarious liability claims involving franchises in other industries that may inform car rental.

Green Motion: Young, Niche, and Nimble

By Amy Winter-Hercher

The franchise network with an eco-friendly focus is currently operating in 26 countries, including two U.S. state franchises. Green Motion plans to grow through flexible technology, direct connectivity, and smart franchise partnerships.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Franchise

By Amy Winter-Hercher

Considering a franchise investment? Franchise Business Review shares insight on what to look for in a brand, typical costs associated with franchising, and questions to ask before signing the franchise agreement.


Renting Cars for the Ride-Hailing Revolution

By Chris Brown

HyreCar wants to rent your fleet to Uber and Lyft drivers.

New Car Rental Franchise Launches in U.S.

By Chris Brown

U.K.-based Right Cars is already in 23 countries, and it promises to bring small, family-owned car rental businesses in the U.S. into one brand.

A Call to Action for Franchisees

By Michael DeLorenzo

Franchisees — the epitomy of small businesses — have played a key role in the legislative processes that have shaped car rental. Former franchisee Michael DeLorenzo shares how he got involved and helped to get a bill signed that eliminated a titling tax in Maryland.

Car Rental Q&A: What Does the Franchisor Need From Me?

By Brad Kjar

A car rental operator is looking to join a franchise system. As a franchisee, what would the franchisor need from him?


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