June 2017

Cover Story

How Social Media Impacts Customer Service

by Amy Winter-Hercher

We talked to rental operators and marketing specialists to learn more about how a rental company’s activity on social media can improve its customer service while expanding its brand.

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Maintaining Customer Service When the Rental Goes Bad

By Amy Winter-Hercher

Experts give tips on how to remain professional when dealing with difficult situations such as vehicle recovery, subrogation, or chargebacks.

How to Drive Positive Customer Interaction

By Amy Winter-Hercher

Using data from J.D. Power & Associates and tips from customer service experts, rental operators can employ these principles to help drive positive customer service — at various points — during the rental process.

ICRS 2017: The Future is Now

By Chris Brown

This year's International Car Rental Show (ICRS) addressed the shifting dynamics in transportation with a blueprint on how car rental operators can take advantage.


Can Prepay Become the Dominant Payment Method?

By Kevin Stutz

ACE Rent A Car has been experimenting with forms of prepaid reservations since 2011. Here's what worked best.

Joe Saunders and Me

By Jay Golden

How I met with a pioneer of the rental industry — and helped to set the record straight many years later.

On Demand, Island Style

By Chris Brown

The Hertz franchise on St. Barts is giving vistors an hourly, self-service option to see the island, which in turn gives the business a competitive advantage in a crowded market.

ACRA Practices Customer Service Skills in Politics

By American Car Rental Association

As a lobbyist for the car rental industry, the American Car Rental Association (ACRA) presents customer service skills when communicating car rental companies' needs and wants to government officials.

Car Rental Q&A: What are the Biggest Challenges for Rental Operators and the Industry?

By Amy Winter-Hercher

Operators and vendors at the International Car Rental Show reveal the biggest challenges for them and the industry in general.

What Car Rental Can Learn From the Hotel Industry

By Ken Stellon

Hotels have found that an uncluttered front counter and assigning all managers to "visibility posts" enhances the customer experience. Can car rental adopt these practices?


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