FSNA Names William Plamondon President of Advantage Rent A Car

Franchise Services of North America Inc. (FSNA) announced on May 3 the appointment of William Plamondon as president of Advantage Rent A Car.

Plamondon will lead the company's integration of Advantage into FSNA's operations. Advantage became a subsidiary of FSNA after Hertz divested of Advantage after Hertz’s acquisition of Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group.

Plamondon began his career in franchise development at Budget Rent A Car in 1978. As vice president of franchised operations, Plamondon built Budget Rent A Car's functions in field operations, training and development, and acquisition and refranchising. From 1989 to 1992, he served as the executive vice president of sales and marketing and later as the executive vice president, North America.

At the direction of Ford Motor Co. and Budget's board of directors, Plamondon was named president of Budget Rent A Car in 1992 and then appointed chief executive officer the following year. In this role, Plamondon was responsible for acquisitions integration, organizational development and cost restructuring at the $2.5 billion company.

Following his years at Budget, Plamondon served as president and chief executive officer of ANC Rental Corp., the parent company of Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental.

"I am so pleased to be joining FSNA at this critical juncture,” said Plamondon. “I have been impressed with the current Advantage team and look forward to putting my experience to work toward building another great brand in car rental."

FSNA also announced the appointments of David Mitchell as chief financial officer of Advantage and Brian Cicco as vice president of human resources at Advantage.

Commenting on the appointment of the new officers and senior management team of Advantage, Thomas P. McDonnell, III, the Company's chief executive officer and chairman said, "We are pleased to welcome Bill, David and Brian to the FSNA team. In particular, Bill's years of experience in the car rental space will be invaluable as we continue the development and execution of our plans to build the fourth largest car rental company in North America."



  1. Sheba Sams [ May 28, 2015 @ 01:12PM ]

    Icertainly hope the new people will improve the Advantage Reantal Auto company. My experience of the renting of an auto on 4/27/15 was an experience I hope I never have again.#Las 139709 at Las Vegas.Although I arrived on time my auto was not available and the people who represented the company informed me that I needed a larger auto for my use.I felt harassed,and when I informed them I had insurance they told me when I left the airport"you are on your own". My bill that was $462.27 when it was booked over the phone turned out to be $772.95.My husband had booked it to avoid me having any pressures as I have a heart condition.I felt as though I was at a car dealers.So much pressure. I am not a satisfied happy customer of Advantage and will not use this company again if I have to travel.
    Sheba Sams

  2. gilda jackson [ June 15, 2015 @ 11:16AM ]

    I am so disappointed in ADVANTAGE RENT A CAR. Orlando Fl.
    I booked a reservation MCO-136657 for May 27th, first I was told that advantage rent a
    car was just out side the airport on the
    grounds LIE #1 I was told that the amount to rent the IMPALA was $88.00 for 4 days plus a $200 hold on my card when I brought the car back. I have been charged $190.70 and that was not authorized on my card and I did not sign for that. I am the only signer on my card. my number is 817 980-0569 I called and tried to talk to Mr. Reyes but he was of NO help he just wanted to tell me that he had my debit card number. REALLY....WOW What a company is this why this company is so rich because they base it all on lying to people.???

  3. Arlene [ August 7, 2015 @ 02:29PM ]

    just wanted to let upper management my experience with your company. I rented a car for the weekend from 07/31/15 thru 07/02/15. I originally requested to rent the vehicle from 07/31/15 thru 08/03/15 and was under the impression that was how I place the order online. I was quoted 75 per day (not a bad deal), because of me being under the impression that I was to return the vehicle on 08/03/15 so I did. I noticed that I was charge a additional $222 Dollars for a day. So I reached out to the supervisor in charge and she explained that it was nothing that she could do because that's what I requested. The customer service from her end was very poor, she did not give me a chance to explain the confusion or took the time to accommodate me as a customer.Her name is Mary, she told me to call so that I can speak to the manager in charge but know one came on the phone and wanted to take the time and speak to me being that I'm a human not an animal.

    I feel that you have a great company but not great representative that can bring your company out. I will reach out to the VP of this company being that I'm not the only customer that feel's that way base on the review online for your company.

  4. Dana lynn [ August 17, 2015 @ 02:16PM ]

    Advantage at the Houston hobby airport, stole my credit card information and allowed someone else to rent a car using my info, at first when I noticed this and called I gave the benefit of the doubt as mistakes can happen, and was told the matter would be handled , however it has been over a month of me calling and not being able to talk to anyone that has the ability to fix it, the people that answer the phone just say "corporate" is looking into it, however , there is no resolution or contact from their end at all. How can this be possible, I guess I need to now file theft charges.

  5. DHP [ August 30, 2015 @ 08:12PM ]

    This is a sad, sad company. Very poor customer service. My experience was at the Orlando, FL location where we waited two+ hours for our car. I spoke to the manager who told me she was not going to do anything about it and proceeded to hand me a card with the 800 Customer Service number. I called while at the facility and was told to leave so I would not be talking in front of other customers. So, I'm the paying customer who is "kicked" out of the place for trying to get some service. Ridiculous! Lesson learned. I can't say enough bad things about this so-called company.

  6. Brook [ August 31, 2015 @ 02:39PM ]

    I've spent hours trying to get in touch with a manager after my car would not start the next morning after driving it to our hotel in Vegas they don't seem to care and told me it could take 48 hours to get in contact with someone we are on our honeymoon and now at least one full day has been pretty much ruined i am extremely disappointed

  7. L. Szeliga [ September 11, 2015 @ 12:23PM ]

    Claim Number 477373. I rented a vehicle from Advantage at the Atlanta Airport. Two days later the brakes started to drag and grind. I did not feel it was safe to drive and did not want make bad mechanical situation worse. I parked the car. I called Advantage several times before I finally spoke to a human. I was transferred to a company they used for towing who transferred me back to Advantage. No one answered. I enlisted the help of my Assistant, one of our clerks, and the travel agent, who finally found someone to help. They brought me a replacement car the next day. I went two days with a car I could not use, but did not argue the bill when I checked back in. I was upset and realized the person checking me in had no power over the situation. Now I receive a letter from PURCO trying to collect $505 for damages on behalf of Advantage. I called Mr. Southwick at PurCo,but surprise no one answered. This is possibly the worse customer service I have ever experienced. It's doubtful that I or anyone else in our company will ever use Advantage again. Will anyone at Advantage have the courtesy to call me?

  8. John Doherty [ September 21, 2015 @ 08:31AM ]

    In the future, if you are going to screw me up the butt, please use some Vaseline or KY Jelly. I appreciate your corporate efforts to steal $150 from me for a refill on the rental vehicle. I refilled it 3 miles from the rental office in Denver but I am sure it needed more gas!!! You are the definition of sleaze and I hope that you choke on the money. It is the need for greed.

  9. Annie [ November 1, 2015 @ 10:49AM ]

    I made reservation for a car on September 29, 2015 and I was to pick it up on arrival at DFW on 10/13/15 after my flight arrived around 11:00pm. I walked to Advantage car counter that night and was shocked to hear that there was no cars left. I showed them a copy of my reservation they had emailed to remind me a couple days earlier. There were 2 people at that encounter that night and both did not offer any explanation whatsoever! They did not even offer to find a replacement car for my trip. I was left to scramble to find transportation that night. I will continue to file complaint against Advantage to appropriate authorities until they decide to change their practice.

  10. Lori [ November 18, 2015 @ 06:35PM ]

    I would not recommend using Advantage Rental Car and would never use them again . I flew into Dallas Love Field Airport on 11/5/15 on an evening flight which was running late. I had a 10:30 reservation with Advantage for a car for Thursday evening until Sunday for around $75.00. I was told my flight would not get in on time so I called Advantage and told them I would not be in to pick up the car until after 11:00 and I was told they were open until 11:30 that evening. At 11:00 the plane could not get to a gate and we sat out on the tar max. I tried to call Advantage to tell them my flight was in but that I could not get off the plane, I tried at 11:05, 11:10, 11:20 and no answer. We finally were able to unload the plane around midnight and the Advantage counter was closed. I slept in the airport and was down at the Advantage booth when they opened to find out they gave my car away and I was also told they had no more cars available. I had to go to another rental car company to get a car, which cost me $269.00. I couldn't believe they gave my car away after I called and told them I was on my way. The same thing happened to me before at the same airport and when I went to the Dollar rental car booth in the morning my car was still waiting for me at the same rate. Advantage does not seem to care about there customers, it is all about the money to them. Bad, bad, bad customer service! I sent them an email asking them about what happened and asking if this was normal practice for there company and never received a reply or explanation.

  11. Alison [ March 21, 2016 @ 12:27PM ]

    Wow! I just had a horrible experience is Florida 3/20/16. So did anyone get their issues resolved? Is there a good contact person or number that I should focus on?

  12. Ann Schneider [ April 12, 2016 @ 03:19PM ]

    I have my own horror story that I won't detail here because I already did at length in the "survey".The above stories are from 2015. Trust me, it is happening in 2016, as recently as March 30 to Apri 3.NEVER RENT FROM ADVANTAGE. THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU.

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