Hertz Named TripAdvisor Travelers' Favorite

Photo via Wikimedia.
Photo via Wikimedia.

Hertz has been named the travelers' favorite car rental agency in Canada, Italy, Spain, Singapore and the U.K. by the TripAdvisor community, according to The Hertz Corp. Hertz was picked as a 2014 Travelers' Choice Favorite following a survey by 95,056 TripAdvisor users.

The third annual Travelers' Choice Awards for Travel Favorites highlight the top brands that travelers around the world prefer for their trips.

"To be named the favorite Car Rental Agency in Canada, Italy, Spain, Singapore and the U.K. by the TripAdvisor community is a tremendous honor,” said Mark P. Frissora, Hertz chairman and CEO. “TripAdvisor provides a voice for all travelers across the globe, and therefore we are delighted Hertz has been recognized. ... This is a great chance to say a big thank you to all TripAdvisor users who took part in the survey, and we look forward to continuing to provide a flexible and first class travel experience for our customers."

The TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards recognize brands in dozens of categories, including airline, travel magazine and tablet computer. To determine award winners, surveys were conducted in 13 participating countries using a panel of more than 5,500 TripAdvisor travelers to select a shortlist of brands/products in each category. Then a total of 95,056 travelers selected their favorites from the shortlists.

For a complete list of 2014 winners, visit blog.tripadvisor.co.uk/2014/05/06/uk-travellers-favourite-brands-want-perfect-trip.


  1. Roland Whittaker [ October 28, 2014 @ 03:09PM ]

    Let's keep it simple Herzt Italia are a disgrace, specifically at Genoa Airport. They tretaedme like I was scum. My preordered car was not ready. They gave me ( after 90mimutes wait) the most disgusting dirty and smelly car that clearly had not been prepared for reuse. I did not like their attitude or their apathy. How Herzt HQ can permit such terrible customer services beggars belief.

  2. Melanie Ryan [ December 9, 2014 @ 06:44AM ]

    Hertz Italia is beyond a disgrace. In July of 2014 I rented a car in Siena for the day. The car was returned after hours with a full tank of gas, parked legally and undamaged. My credit card was charged for gas and damage to the vehicle, and they charged my credit card in US Dollars instead of euros despite the fact that I was specific about the charges being in Euro. This earns Hertz a hefty commission on the exchange rate. It is now 5 months later and I have "won" my dispute with Hertz Italia through Capital One and VISA and my credit card has been reimbursed for the erroneous charges. Hertz Italia has never provided proof of the damage, a repair bill or a statement from the CDW insurance they mandated I pay for. Now that I have won my dispute through VISA I have received a letter from Hertz Italia stating that my account is past due and if I do not pay the charges my Hertz Italia account will be marked "Do not rent" and they will start collections. The letter does not itemize what the charges are for, just a threatening letter with zero documentation. Hertz Italia will charge you for erroneous charges and apparently if you dispute the charges through your credit card and win they will start to harass you.

  3. Ernesto Salvi [ December 26, 2014 @ 03:15PM ]

    I booked a car in Florence, I had to wait for 3 hours. When they finally delivered it I had to make them do the inspection (It was badly damaged on one side). When I returned it at the airport in Rome the gas tank was full but they charged me 193.23 euros for gas (3.39 euros a litre!) and 24.40 euros for refuelling. I did not notice the extra charge because the clever employee circled a different (lower, of course) amount on the slip. Icing on the cake, they charged me another 151 euros in November. I wrote nine emails and, finally, they replied after a month saying that the extra charge is for a damaged tire. I am currently disputing the second charge. Unfortunately, it is too late for the 218 euros I was charged for a tank of gasoline. I am furious, I will never rent from Hertz again.

  4. John [ January 18, 2016 @ 01:00AM ]

    Hertz Italia was my worst retnal experience in my entire life. The vehicle we rented looked like it had been driven around the world eighty times....the tires were bald, the air conditioning barely worked, the van was full of dents from past rentals, the shocks were badly worn. When we picked up the vehicle it was not ready for an hour and a half. We definately would not be renting again from Hertz Italia unless the President of Hertz appologizes and offers us free rentals for life.

  5. Mike [ April 10, 2016 @ 09:45AM ]

    Hertz, Comiso Airport, Sicily, Italy

    The staff at this Hertz are incompetent and dishonest. If you have the misfortune to hire a car from these jokers make sure you get a translation of the contract before signing anything and make sure that the car is in working condition. I verbally declined Excess car insurance three times and yet was still charged £240 for a week of car hire for unwanted insurance. I separately took out car hire excess insurance with Questor and did not require this. I am now wasting my time to try and get a refund.

    My second problem was that I hired an Opel Safira which had an engine warning indicator come on when I was 15 mins from leaving Comiso. I was travelling to Ragusa with my family at 10:30pm at night. It was a sign I did not recognise and I took photos and emailed it to the Comiso office the next day. I was told to buy a litre of oil and fill it up myself! However the dip-stick indicated there was enough engine oil. Meanwhile I translated the warning message that said that the engine would turn itself off after driving another 120 km! I texted and emailed this information to Hertz, Comiso and asked them for an emergency number to call if I broke down (the Comiso office did not pick up the phone on several occasions) but had no reply! Luckily my wife spoke some Italian. After stopping at 3 petrol station we finally worked out that the car required an engine additive called AdBlue. After wasting 1 day we eventually found a garage that filled up the car with 10 L of AdBlue.

    Thanks Hertz for the worst car hire experience in 25 years of hiring cars in multiple countries!

  6. Maria Dovidio [ May 14, 2016 @ 06:19AM ]

    Hertz is a disaster and I would even say that you can consider it a scam! I rent a car in Naples Italy Category C and a tricky emploee offered an upgrade to a diesel car that was supposed to have a economical consumption. Tired from the journey and confident to be an international company I signed the papers. A few days later I read carefully the ticket and saw that the category rented was the same (C) ie with that category I was entitled to a diesel car anyway. I saw that the price difference was billed as another service "road assistance" that I never asked for. Hertz is a company that pay their employees a comission when they make a client spend more money for other service taken at the car picking point. This emploee at Naples even tried to induce me to pay a ridiculous 900 Euros insurance, which of course I did not accept. The grand finale was when I returned the car in Palermo Sicily. I filled the tank not far from the airport and when I arrived there was a huge row of people waiting for check out, with one person attending. After seeing that there was no progress and I was missing the flight I ask to the emploee at the office If I could give the car immediately, as it was in perfect condition. When I arrived to Milan I had a bad feeling about the Hertz staff in Palermo so I ask for a copy of the check out al Hertz office in Milan and saw that charged me missing 2 liters of fuel! Ridiculous! And of course they also charged 30 euros for the service of having to fill the tank. My experience with Hertz has been terrible. I dont advise this company.

  7. C.Robinson [ May 20, 2016 @ 03:31PM ]

    You have all got to be joking ?! Hurtz should be the name of these corporate crooks !

    We used Hertz at Nashville metro airport (pick-up)in september 2015, and they ripped us off. We had to get our credit card company in New Zealand to get the overcharges back when we returned home. The Hertz LAX people (on drop-off) told us about some of the charges we should 'not' have been charged, but they couldn't get the Nashville office on the phone.

    ...Don't ever use these crooked c*nts !

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