AAAE Talks Car Rental in Santa Barbara

Airport representatives, developers, architects, consultants and representatives from the car rental industry meet to discuss issues regarding consolidated rental car facilities, among other topics.


Don’t Open That Trunk

People leave the strangest things in a rental car. What happens when you’re left to deal with it?


When Disaster Strikes, Will Your Car Rental Company Be Ready?

RACs in the paths of hurricanes such as Gustav and Ike say that constant communication, enhanced customer service and a relaxation of policies are keys to a seamless continuation of operations.


Economic Indicators in Vehicle Remarketing

Wholesale auction prices have begun to stabilize, though the recent financial crisis could throw a monkey wrench into gains.


Dent Removal: Quick and Paintless

At about one-fourth the cost of traditional dent removal at a body shop, on-site paintless dent removal (PDR) puts a vehicle back into service quicker and ups a turnback vehicle’s value in the auction lane.


Rider on the Storm

With a conservative business approach, stable credit lines and a solid local clientele, it might actually be a good time to be an independent.


Avis Rankles South Florida Limo Operators

Regulatory divide between chauffeured and rental car industries spurs calls for fairer playing field by limo operators.


What About Us?

If the government is going to support the financial community, airlines, auto manufacturers and suppliers, then why not support the car rental industry?


Independent Vendors: Get More Bookings through

Online car rental consolidator is looking for car rental partners that service airport locations with a minimum fleet size of 50 cars.


Oregon Supreme Court Upholds Right to Collect Diminished Value

The Oregon Supreme Court on Oct. 23 upheld an Appeals Court decision and ruled in favor of an auto policyholder who argued that his insurance company should pay not only for repairs, but also for the loss in value his vehicle suffered as a result of an accident.


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