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CarSharing Association Hosts Fifth Annual Conference in Toronto

With a theme of shared mobility and transit, the CarSharing Association (CSA) will host its fifth annual conference in Toronto on Sept. 16-17.


Eco-Friendly Car-Sharing Program Expands in UK’s Lake District

Thanks to the partnership of GoLakes Travel and car-sharing company Co-Wheels, a “pay as you drive” eco-friendly car-sharing program has expanded in the U.K.’s Lake District.


Zipcar Brings Car Sharing to Downtown Detroit

Partnering with Rock Ventures LLC, Zipcar is now offering two car-sharing vehicles in downtown Detroit.


Hertz San Diego Airport — the Future of Car Rental?

In San Diego, Hertz officially unveiled its new facility, along with plans for world domination.


Enterprise CarShare Helps UK Council Reduce Transportation Costs

By introducing Enterprise’s CarShare program in 2010, U.K.-based Woking Borough Council reveals how car sharing has helped it reduce costs, mileage and carbon dioxide emissions.


Dublin’s City Council Promotes Car-Sharing Program

Dublin car-sharing customers can rent GoCar vehicles by the hour with no parking fees.


Vienna Welcomes Third Car-Sharing Company

With its recent opening at Vienna’s Wien Westbahnhof train station, Flinkster, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, is now the third car-sharing company in Vienna.


Public Utilities Commission Proposes Rules for Car-Sharing Services

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) proposed new rules that would place car-sharing services into a new transportation business category, separate from taxicabs and limousine services.


Mile High City Welcomes Zipcar

Zipcar Inc. expands its car-sharing services to the city of Denver.


FlightCar Now Offers Monthly Park-and-Share Program

With its park-and-share program FlightCar Monthly, members rent out their cars to FlightCar at least 26 days per month and in return receive free parking as well as $150 to $400 per month.


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