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Zipcar Expands into France

Launching in Paris today, Zipcar has expanded its car-sharing service to France. Zipcar currently operates in the European countries of Spain, the U.K. and Austria.


car2go Purchases Mobile App RideScout

car2go North America LLC has acquired RideScout LLC, a app-based mobility platform that allows users to search and compare ground transportation options.


Zipcar Added to Google Gaming App

Using Google Maps, GPS and now Zipcar’s car-sharing service, players of Google’s Ingress “Real World Game” can earn points by visiting specially coded locations around the world.


San Francisco Considers Car Sharing to Replace Fleet Vehicles

San Francisco could replace its underutilized fleet vehicles with car sharing services under a new proposal to the city.


Zoomcar Expands Car Sharing in India

Launched in Bangalore in 2013, Zoomcar, an India-based car-sharing company, has expanded to its second city, Pune.


Car-Sharing Company Launches in Iceland

Caritas is Iceland's new car-sharing company, where people can rent out their cars to others.


Zipcar Brings More Cars to Palo Alto

Zipcar has partnered with the city of Palo Alto to bring 10 new Zipcars to four city-owned parking facilities.


Enterprise CarShare Expands in Hawaii

In Hawaii, Enterprise CarShare has expanded its car-sharing service to downtown Honolulu and Waikiki.


Zipcar Launches at Nevada University

Zipcar has started its car-sharing service at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus. A Toyota Prius and Ford Focus are now available for students, faculty and staff.


Report: Shared-Use Vehicle Systems Continue to Expand

As of Jan. 1, 2014, there were 24 active shared-use vehicle systems in the United States, according to the Transportation Sustainability Research Center’s car-sharing market overview for 2014. Car sharing also continues to expand in Canada, Mexico and Brazil.


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