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car2go Upgrades Austin Fleet With Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

car2go's one-way carsharing service in Austin will now be made up of new Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA compact vehicles with the latest app-based technology.


car2go Seattle Hits 100K Member Milestone

car2go has announced that its membership in Seattle has surpassed the 100,000 member milestone. To celebrate this milestone, car2go is offering its members up to $50 in reimbursed ferry rides if they use a Mercedes-Benz car2go vehicle over Labor Day weekend.


car2go Usage Increases 40% in First Half 2017

Usage of car2go increased by 40% year-over-year in the first half of 2017 compared to the first half of 2016 across all 11 of the service's North American locations. Among car2go's locations, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver have experienced the fastest year-over-year membership growth.


car2go Adds Mercedes-Benz GLA, CLA to Denver Fleet

car2go carsharing members in Denver can now drive new all-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz CLA four-door coupe and GLA five-passenger vehicles.


car2go Vancouver, Portland to Use Mobile Fueling Service

Effective immediately, car2go vehicles in Vancouver, Canada, will be refueled by Filld's mobile fueling service, with service in Portland, Ore., beginning soon.


car2go Rewards Members for Taking Road Safety Classes

Through a pilot program, car2go will offer free online road safety education courses to its members. Members who take the classes will receive drive-time credit.


car2go Supports Vision Zero Road Safety Initiative

car2go NA’s carsharing service has pledged support for "Vision Zero," a road safety initiative supported by cities around the world with the goal of eliminating road fatalities and serious injuries.


car2go Updates Carsharing Fleet in Columbus

car2go has announced that its carsharing fleet in Columbus will now feature the latest version of the smart model as well as new car2go technology.


Minn. Bill Cuts Carsharing Taxes, Not Rental

Minnesota’s Senate Tax Committee has passed a bill that would exempt carsharing from the higher tax rates charged on traditional vehicle rentals.


car2go Transitions From Smart Fortwo to Luxury Mercedes Models

Moving away from only using smart fortwo vehicles, car2go anticipates that Mercedes-Benz vehicles (CLA and GLA) will comprise the majority of its North American fleet by the end of 2017.


car2go Rentals Up 21% YOY

In financial year 2016, car2go's global network (of nearly 14,000 vehicles) was rented more than 22 million times, a 21% increase compared to 2015.


Carsharing Service Autotel Launches in Tel Aviv

car2go, a franchise holder, will operate Tel Aviv’s new carsharing service Autotel, which will start with 260 vehicles.


car2go to Cease Operations in Twin Cities, San Diego

car2go plans to suspend its carsharing service in the Twin Cities and San Diego by the end of the year. In San Diego, car2go hasn’t seen enough business to continue while it has faced high rental car taxes in the Twin Cities.


car2go Hits 2M Members Milestone

car2go has announced that its carsharing service has crossed the two million global member milestone. In North America, car2go serves 800,000 members.


Montreal Wants to Limit Number of Carsharing Vehicles

Montreal’s carsharing companies (car2go and Communauto) face new regulations from the city of Montreal. The city wants to limit the number of carsharing vehicles to 1,000.


car2go Introduces New Vehicles to D.C., Arlington

Rolling out in Washington D.C. and Arlington County, the new smart fortwo vehicles include Bluetooth access, seat warmers, more truck space, and a new six-speed twinamic dual-clutch transmission.


car2go Tops 78K Members in China

After operating in the Chinese city of Chongqing for two months, Daimler’s car2go service already has more than 78,000 registered users.


car2go to Offer Cross-Jurisdictional Access in Virginia, D.C.

Effective May 26, car2go members can start trips in Arlington, Va., and legally end them in Washington, D.C., and vice versa. Prior to cross-jurisdictional access, users had to start and end trips in the same jurisdiction.


Daimler Launches car2go in China

German carmaker Daimler has launched its car2go carsharing service in China’s Chongquing municipality with 400 smart fortwo vehicles.


car2go Launches Full Service Despite Toronto’s Parking Regulations

car2go’s service in Toronto has been restricted because the city of Toronto hasn’t established regulations for parking carsharing vehicles on the street.


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