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Rape Victim Sues Lyft for Failing to Screen Driver Who Attacked Her

A plaintiff identified as Jane Doe filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court against ride-hailing service company Lyft, alleging that Lyft failed to screen out a driver with a criminal history who subsequently sexually assaulted her.


Lawsuit Claims Uber Used Scheme to Defraud Drivers, Passengers

A proposed class-action lawsuit claims the ride-hailing app manipulates the navigation data that calculates the fare amount for its users as well as the amount reported and paid to its drivers.


Execu-Ride Inc. Sues 1st Source Bank for Malicious Interference

On Oct. 23, the Superior Court of New Jersey granted summary judgment in favor of 1st Source Bank on five of seven counts, yet denied summary judgment on two counts regarding malicious interference and defamation.


Enterprise Owes $22.7M to Settle Lawsuit in Nevada

Settlement ends class action lawsuit regarding failure to include airport recovery concession fees in advertised rental cost.


Los Angeles, San Francisco File Lawsuit Against Uber

Prosecutors in California have filed a lawsuit against Uber’s ride-sharing service, saying its unlawful business practices are in violation of California Business and Professions Code sections 17200 and 17500.


Class Lessons: Learning from Class Actions

Rental car companies should consider lessons learned from past class-action lawsuits and how they apply to changing technology.


Court Approves $11M Hertz, ATS Settlement

A New Jersey Federal Court has given final approval of a proposed class-action settlement filed by plaintiffs Susan Doherty and Dwight Simonsen in 2009 (Doherty and Simonsen v Hertz Corp., et al.) .


How to Minimize Employee Litigation Through Arbitration Agreements

In this online exclusive article, learn more about how arbitration agreements can minimize employee lawsuits and their fallout.


Horne Files Lawsuit against Arizona Rental Companies

As the result of more than 150 consumer complaints and an undercover investigation by the state, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against Dennis N. Saban and his rental car companies.


U.S. Supreme Court Denies Avis' Petition against Alaska Rent A Car

With this decision, the final award of $19.2 million stands.


Uber Driver Faces Lawsuit for Fire Hydrant Injury

A private taxi driver operating for Uber is being sued by a San Francisco woman who was severely injured as the result of an accident involving the driver.


City of San Francisco Sues FlightCar Over Airport Fees

The City of San Francisco has filed a lawsuit against car sharing startup FlightCar for refusing to pay SFO airport fees.


PurCo Win: What Now?

The Colorado State Supreme Court ruling in PurCo v. Koenig was a major victory for the car rental industry regarding the ability to collect loss-of-use damages. But the fight is far from over.


Colorado High Court Agrees with PurCo: Loss-of-Use Damages Recoverable Regardless of Fleet Utilization

In a historic ruling for the car rental industry, the Court holds that ‘PurCo is entitled to recover loss-of-use damages irrespective of actual lost profits.’


Rental Car Companies Challenge Arizona Tax on Car Rentals

The tax, which varies depending on if the rental is used as a replacement vehicle or not, is argued to be interfering with interstate commerce by unfairly taxing out-of-state renters.


Enterprise Settles 100,000 Unpaid Tolls in Harris County

According to the Houston Chronicle, the $1.15 million settlement is the largest in the history of the Harris County Toll Road Authority.


Guest Editorial: Employers Remain Under Union Attack despite Recent Rulings

While in April, federal courts handed employers big wins by halting two National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rules, the car rental industry is already seeing the impact of other changes in the law with one company facing a 31-member union including only service agents. All employers should be vigilant of the shifting landscape and enact strategies for NLRB compliance.


Is the Rental Car Industry Heading Toward Disruption Because of Intellectual Property?

Patent experts from ipCapital Group, an intellectual property consulting firm, discuss how the surge of rental car-related patents not held by rental car companies is a concerning fact and makes rental car companies susceptible to intellectual property threats from outside their typical competitors.


Supreme Court Says Police Must Have Warrant to Plant GPS Devices

The Supreme Court’s ruling could impact a case in Ohio involving a rental car, in which the judge said the defendant had no reasonable expectation of privacy because the GPS device planted by police was on a rented vehicle.


Woman Files Suit Against Avis for Not Receiving Alleged ‘Gay’ Discount

According to the San Diego News Examiner, a woman in Arizona is filing a federal class-action lawsuit against Avis for being denied discounts that were offered to members of two gay and lesbian associations.


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