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January Airport Rates Continue Downward Trend

Airport rates in January dropped $3.87 compared to a year ago. The Tennant Group and Rate-Highway also took a look at the major eight rental brands’ average rate quotes over the last three years. National has held the highest rates for the most weeks over Hertz and Avis.


December Rates Down Slightly to End Volatile Year

December airport rate quotes were down $1.02 nationwide from a year ago. With year-to-year comparisons from down $6.11 in January to up to $5.48 in September, the last three months of 2016 were relatively stable.


November Rates Flat Over 2015

November rates are up $.05 over November 2015, while 12 months to November averaged a small $0.31 decrease.


Flat Airport Rates Continue in October

After two months of significant rate quote increases over the previous year, airport rates for October were down $0.65 or about 1.5%, almost flat year-over-year. Rates turned down for the middle two weeks in October, but they were up again the last week of the month.


Rate Pros Offers Rate Analysis, Pricing Program

Rate Pros assists car rental companies by assigning a revenue manager to monitor and support pricing operations.


ReachNow's Carsharing Service Adds Long-Term Rates

BMW’s ReachNow carsharing service is now offering long-term rates for up to five days of rental in the Seattle area.


September’s Airport Rates Increase Highest in Two Years

Airport rates for September are up $5.48 year-over-year, the largest increase since July 2014. But the weekly rates suggest it’s not yet a guarantee that rates are on a long-term upward trend: the rates were up mid-month and then flattened out the last two weeks.


August Rates Rebound After Lackluster Summer

August rate quotes showed some strength, up $2.81 or 7% from August 2015. Hertz and National had the highest weekly average rates when comparing the eight major brands.


Philadelphia Named Most Expensive Car Rental City

After comparing rental rates in 50 U.S. cities, CheapCarRental.net found that Philadelphia had the highest daily rate at $83 for August.


Airport Rates Downturn Continues into July

After a decrease in June, July’s airport rates were down 60 cents from a year ago. Avis Budget Group and Hertz both expect flat or slightly higher pricing for the balance of 2016.


Airport Rates Drop Slightly in June

After a small upturn in rate quotes for March, April, and May, airport rates dropped slightly (74 cents) in June. Summer rental rates may be impacted by England’s decision to leave the European Union; the euro and pound have already been weakened.


Highest July 4th Travel Predicted

Nearly 43 million Americans are expected to travel this Independence Day holiday weekend; an increase from the 42.3 million people who traveled last year, according to AAA Travel.


Mytripcar.com Shows ‘Real Cost of Car Rental’

Mytripcar.com, a new car rental comparison site, says it shows the “real cost consumers will pay for their car rental, including hidden costs usually found in the terms and conditions.”


Airport Rates Up Two Months in a Row

For the first time since July 2014, airport rates were up back-to-back months: in April at $0.59 and in May at $3.79. Denver had the highest average quote at $66.82 while San Diego had the lowest rate at $34.17.


April Airport Rates Slightly Up

For the first time in five months, April airport rates were up — up $0.59 overall. The Northeast continued its large year-over-year declines while the Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest were up in the $4 to $5 range.


$3 Weekly Car Rental Rates are Unsustainable

Better technology, education, transparency, and a way to show the correlation between price and customer service are needed.


Rate Declines Soften in March

In March, the average airport rate quote was only down 81 cents from March 2015, according to The Tennant Group and Rate-Highway’s 50-City rate survey. The Northeast region declined $11.71 year-over-year while the Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest regions were all up.


February Airport Rates Slightly Down Year-Over-Year

In February, the average airport rate quote was only down $1.42 (2.8%) from February 2015, according to The Tennant Group and Rate-Highway’s 50-City rate survey. Rates in the Northwest and Midwest regions were up, while the Northeast was down $9.82.


Corporate Car Rental Rates Drop 5%

Average rental rates dropped to a national average base-rate of $38.88 per day, a 5% decrease in 2015, according to Travel Leaders Corporate’s data from fourth quarter 2015.


January Airport Rates Down in All Regions

In January, all five regions experienced drops in airport rates, but the Southeast and Northeast were both down by double digits, according to The Tennant Group and Rate-Highway’s 50-City rate survey. The average rate for January was down $6.11.


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