Drivo Rent-A-Car has agreed to pay $80,000 to resolve consumer complaints.  -  Photo via  Pixabay .

Drivo Rent-A-Car has agreed to pay $80,000 to resolve consumer complaints.

Photo via Pixabay.

Drivo Rent-A-Car, which operates locations at Newark and John F. Kennedy airports, has agreed to pay $80,000 in fines to resolve consumer complaints, Patch New Jersey reports.

Prosecutors allege the discount car rental company engaged in "shady tactics" to rip off customers. The accusations include:

  • inaccurately disclosing all charges a consumer would have to pay if a rental vehicle was damaged
  • altering vehicle inspection records to falsely imply customers acknowledged damage to rental vehicles
  • falsifying accident or incident reports
  • billing mulitple consumers for the same damage to the same rental vehicle
  • failing to disclose existing damage on a rental vehicle
  • posting misleading online advertisements
  • failing to honor rental rates agreed upon through online reservations

The rental agency has also agreed to change its policies and practices, including:

  • not posting misleading advertisements
  • maintaining uniform policies for the sale of rental vehicle insurance and additional merchandise
  • accurately disclosing all charges a consumer will be required to pay if a rental vehicle is damaged
  • reporting all pre-existing damage to consumers for acknowledgement and signature at check-out
  • ensuring customers have the opportunity to inspect their rental vehicle prior to their departure
  • notifying consumers in writing of any identified damage to the rental vehicle that occurred during the rental period
  • providing additional training to managers and employees on the check-out and check-in procedures of rental vehicles, as well as the sale of related services or products
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