Over the past four years, we’ve seen the growth of successful smaller rental companies that focus on niche markets. Whether it’s offering specialty vehicles, focusing on specific consumer groups, or providing a unique rental experience, if you serve these niche markets, there are powerful ways to set your rental company apart from the larger competition.

At HQRS, we’re committed to creating an awesome product for these types of rental companies. And we’ve partnered with industry suppliers to create extra value. The goal is to create a set of tools that can help smaller companies thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

By partnering with GlobalPayments for payment processing and Lula for fleet insurance, our clients are benefiting from very low transaction fees and insurance premiums that are generally not available for their company size. But combining many smaller companies allows us to benefit from economies of scale.

On another level, we connect with some of the younger but fast-growing online travel platforms that can generate new bookings from potentially new markets. HQ currently works with Car Rental Express, RentCars, and DiscoverCars, and is expanding its reach.

Another way HQ provides value is through telematics. By offering integrated rental management and telematics at very competitive prices, smaller rental companies are getting the same type of fleet monitoring control as the larger companies. This even includes “Phone-as-a-Key” functionality, allowing for self-service rentals and carsharing. 


One might think that the benefits of technology only come from very large ERP applications that only large companies can afford. But in reality, the larger companies often have difficulties keeping up with technology and being innovative. Operating lean and mean can be a very profitable business strategy, and HQRS is committed to helping you get there.