Image Courtesy of Tyler Technologies

Image Courtesy of Tyler Technologies

The automotive industry is evolving as fleet sizes increase and interstate purchases and sales continue to grow. Fleet operators’ demand for more streamlined processes and efficient operations is paramount to a stronger bottom line. One of the critical challenges faced by fleets is the slow and cumbersome titling process, particularly when acquiring vehicles.

Thankfully, there is an industry-changing solution to this problem – the National Digital Titling Clearinghouse. This innovative system, pioneered in West Virginia and now available nationwide, has transformed the titling process, creating a more efficient and streamlined experience that saves time and money.

Creating a National Digital Titling Clearinghouse

For years, the traditional vehicle titling process has centered around frustratingly long processing times. It was manual and paper-based, requiring significant labor hours, which put a drain on auto rental fleets’ operational efficiency and dragged down the bottom line. With rental cars and trucks all around the country, you are losing money waiting weeks for a title in order to operate legally or sell a vehicle and turnover inventory.

Recognizing this bottleneck, West Virginia created the nation’s first National Digital Titling Clearinghouse, a 50-state clearinghouse to tackle the challenges plaguing the titling process. Now, through the Clearinghouse, rental car fleets can obtain a digital title from West Virginia in as little as a day. Titling through the Clearinghouse enables you to become more efficient and more profitable than ever, getting your title and money faster. Moreover, digital titling not only accelerates processing, it also reduces human error, improves reliability, and even enables secure online storage if you elect to hold your titles digitally. Rental car fleet operators can benefit meaningfully from the simplicity of following a single titling process, reducing operating expenses, and obtaining a new title quickly, getting vehicles sold and in service faster.

“I’m exceptionally proud of the West Virginia DMV for leading the nation with this unprecedented technology,” Commissioner of the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles Everett Frazier said. “This new enhancement, which allows a reduction in title turnaround times from well over a month to just a few days at most, wouldn’t be possible without the team of dedicated employees I have in place at the DMV, the innovation through our partners Champ Titles and Tyler Technologies, and the continued support from Governor Jim Justice and Secretary of Transportation Jimmy Wriston, P.E.”

Streamlined Operations for Fleets

The benefits of the Clearinghouse are abundant. The car and truck rental industry now has the power to expedite the management and rebranding of titles across state lines, regardless of where their business is located or from where the vehicle being purchased is originating, which is critical to maintaining swift operations.

In the past, the lengthy waiting periods led to delays in acquiring titles, disjointed operations, and potential revenue loss. However, this new National Clearinghouse takes what was once the frustration of fleets nationwide and puts the power of time and efficiency back in their hands by creating a seamless experience.

Other operational benefits include:

  • Enables you to purchase vehicles from anywhere in the country and quickly title them into your name.
  • Allows you to securely store and access an authentic, fully digital title ready to use or print when needed. No more lost hard copies!
  • Reduces mailing costs by eliminating paper, as the entire process is 100% digital.
  • Uses a proven technology unmatched in scale, speed or stability, enabling your business to grow with the Clearinghouse as much as desired.
  • As more than 45 companies in the auto industry and from around the Country have shared best practices with the state’s DMV as members of the Clearinghouse Advisory Group, this capability was built for your industry with industry input and support.

A New Frontier

Titling is the final frontier toward true operational efficiency for fleets. With the Clearinghouse now available to fleet operators nationwide, a streamlined and efficient titling process, saving time, money, and resources, has arrived.

As more fleets come aboard, the automotive industry is set to witness a transformative change, making the National Digital Titling Clearinghouse the new "easy button" for titling processes.

If you’re interested in signing up for the National Digital Titling Clearinghouse, you can join today here.