Graphic via Sojern.

Graphic via Sojern.

Sojern has revealed the results of its Global Travel Insights Report, which indicate recent global travel has been based on the occurrence of world events, as well as increasing tourism markets.

According to the report, global sporting events and festivals had a major impact on tourism. Flight searches to Brazil for the World Cup more than doubled month to month; the Incheon Games in South Korea sparked interest in tourism by nearly 20%; and Germany’s Oktoberfest attracted a large number of international tourists — Munich saw a 38% increase in overall flight searches.

Overall, the most searched destinations were the U.S., the U.K., France, Turkey, China, Russia, Germany, Italy and Greece, according to the report. On the other hand, Malaysia and Thailand had a decline in inbound tourism, potentially due to recent political struggles.

Here are some more travel trends from Sojern’s report by region:

North America:

  • New York City was the most-searched destinations for European travelers.
  • Miami and NYC were most popular researched by Latin American travelers.
  • Americans most frequently searched for Miami, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. 
  • Most international tourists traveling to America take longer trips than when visiting other countries; 64% of international travelers searched for trips for six days or me.


  • Most popular European destinations included London, Paris, Barcelona and Mallorca.
  • For planning summer trips in advance, the U.K. and the Netherlands tied for the top spot.
  • Nearly one-third (29%) of all European trips were planned 101 days or more in advance.
  • Short trips make up 39% of all European trips.


  • For flight services to the region, 47% of tourists were looking to stay eight or more days.
  • Chinese tourists made up over 15% of searches in August from domestic travelers.
  • The Asia-Pacific region had the largest percentage of inbound travelers flying solo (81%).

Latin America:

  • Mexico and Brazil are becoming top travel destinations from developing countries such as China.
  • Spain was a top destination for Latin American travelers.
  • Mexican destinations, such as Cancun, were popular for North American tourists.
  • The Latin American region had the highest percentage of flight searches for couples (20%).

“Through our strategic partnerships with dozens of top global travel brands, we are able to glean valuable insights on travel behavior throughout the world,” said Mark Rabe, CEO at Sojern. “These insights prove vital to helping our customers reach, convert and retain travelers as they progress through the purchase funnel.”

The report was based on an analysis of more than 600 million traveler intent data points across the globe.

Click here to view the full Sojern Q3 report: