Zipcar ONE

Zipcar ONE

Zipcar’s new ONE > WAY service is now open to all current Zipcar members located in or traveling to the Boston area. The new transportation option — which Zipcar has been testing since May — enables members to take point-to-point trips with a reserved parking spot at both the pick-up and drop-off locations (called "pods"), says the company.

Currently, a total of 200 Zipcar ONE > WAY Honda Fit vehicles are located at Zipcar pods throughout Boston and in the surrounding area, including Logan International Airport.

Over the past few months, select Zipcar members have been invited to join the ONE > WAY beta test. According to Zipcar, this additional expansion of members will help the company further refine the member experience, including locations, usage patterns, features and pricing.

"Our members have been lining up to become part of this beta test — they are as excited as we are," said Kaye Ceille, Zipcar president. "We have learned a lot about the new service in the past few months, and we are eager to continue to grow this innovative transportation option by inviting all current Zipcar members to take part in this expanded testing phase."

Based on input from members as well as its history of operations in the Boston area, Zipcar has selected key locations in order to make ONE > WAY a convenient option to get from point A to point B, says the company.

"ONE > WAY, combined with our leading round-trip model, offers members the most comprehensive mobility option available," said Ceille. "In addition, ONE > WAY remains true to our mission of enabling simple and responsible urban living by continuing to reduce congestion in cities as members are not circling the block searching for parking."

Zipcar's ONE > WAY fleet consists exclusively of Honda Fits. The ONE > WAY Honda Fit vehicles will be labeled with unique branding in order to distinguish them from the round-trip models, which are not available for one-way use, according to the company.

Current Zipcar members can test out ONE > WAY at