Linda King

Linda King

Linda King, an attorney specializing in representation of rental car and truck operations, died in San Diego on Friday Dec. 26.

After receiving her law degree in 1979, she started a law practice and claims management company in San Diego. As a supplier to the car rental industry, Linda A. King and Associates Claims Management Inc. specializes in insurance services, legal services, training and rental agreements.

“At the time she started her company, she was one of very few women in the industry,” says Sara Zadorozny, King’s daughter. “She actually began working at a rental car company in college. During that time, she realized that there was a need for what she did.”

Jim Tennant of The Tennant Group refers to King as “a great friend of the vehicle rental industry.”

“She showed independents and licensees how to dramatically reduce their insurance costs and acted as the claims department for many companies, including mine,” says Tennant. “She also appeared at various state hearings on behalf of the industry on many occasions.”

Shawn Hack of San Diego’s Payless franchise recalls King’s willingness to help others. “The people she helped on a professional level pale in comparison to those she helped on a personal level. She went above and beyond in maintaining good relationships and used those relationships to help others even more. Her wit and charisma made her an absolute joy to be around, and she will be deeply missed.”

On behalf of the American Car Rental Association (ACRA), the King family was presented with an achievement award honoring Linda’s contributions to the auto rental industry.

“I was so honored to know what a difference she made for many in the rental car industry,” says Zadorozny. “It was evident at the celebration of her life how many people credit her with their success in the rental car industry.”