Opoli Technologies has announced its ride-share app has been approved to service San Diego International Airport as both a TNC (ride-share) and TCP (livery), allowing it to pick up and drop off customers.

Opoli initially launched the app in San Diego on May 18 in beta, offering services to include shuttle and personal driver options.

Scheduled reservations or immediate pickup/delivery service is now available at the San Diego Airport, complete with a curbside concierge to assist in booking and arranging pickup from one of Opoli’s eight-passenger shuttle vans or personal drivers.

“San Diego International Airport users want a variety of transportation options for getting to and from the airport, and we’re happy to now add ride-sharing to their list with the start of service by Opoli,” said Thella F. Bowens, president/CEO of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. “This ride-sharing program allows the airport to welcome new service providers while maintaining a safe, fair and orderly environment for all of our commercial ground transportation operators.”

As a ride-sharing app, Opoli allows users to name their price for a desired fare, at which point nearby drivers can either accept the fare or offer a counter bid. The final price is agreed upon before pickup, with no increase in prices for peak hours or holidays.

“We are excited to bring better transportation solutions to San Diego, either by shuttle services, black car or peer-to-peer rides,” said Rattan Joea, CEO of Opoli Technologies. “Opoli is dedicated to providing a cost-effective and environmentally responsible option to owning your own car. We are reducing traffic congestion with a true ride-sharing platform and eliminating emissions, as our transit vans all run using natural gas.”

For more information, visit www.opoli.com. The app is currently available for iOs and Android in the App Store and Google Play Store.