Uber's mobile app platform. Photo courtesy of Uber.

Uber's mobile app platform. Photo courtesy of Uber.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Uber are partnering to launch a car rental pilot program in Denver. Enterprise will provide rental cars to Uber drivers by the week or month, according to a report by the Denver Post.

"What we're trying to do here is lower the barrier to entry for someone who does want to work with Uber but who does not have a qualifying car or doesn't have a car at all," Andrew Chapin, Uber's head of vehicle solutions, told the Post.

Uber drivers can use their own cars to drive passengers but the vehicles need to be clean and in good condition.

By partnering with Enterprise, Uber drivers can receive a car rental rate of $210 per week, plus taxes and other fees, and a $500 refundable deposit, according to the report. The charge is automatically deducted from the driver’s earnings.

The companies picked Denver because of the city’s size and the driver demand for ride-sharing services. Additionally, Colorado became the first state to authorize ride-sharing services, according to the report.

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