Photo courtesy of Auto Europe.

Photo courtesy of Auto Europe.

By partnering with Peugeot, Auto Europe, a global car rental aggregator, can offer travelers access to vehicles through Peugeot’s Open Europe Road Program.

Travelers planning to visit some of Europe’s largest cities for 15 days or more now have the option to participate in this program. Travelers essentially purchase a new vehicle through Peugeot with the agreement that Peugeot will “buy it back” after traveling, according to Auto Europe. It’s similar to a lease agreement.

The program provides travelers with the opportunity to drive a new vehicle in Europe at a daily rate often lower than a traditional car rental, according to Auto Europe. The starting rental rate could be as low as $20 per day.

Added benefits include unlimited mileage, no European value-added taxes and airport charges, and availability to drivers as young as 18. A GPS unit is also included in the vehicle, says Auto Europe.

“Many of our customers are traveling to Europe for extended stays and looking for more options of economical transportation during their visit,” said Scott Braun, Auto Europe’s chief marketing officer. “This program allows us to offer our customers quality vehicles with added incentives to make long-term rentals more affordable. For example, one new discount this year is three free days on rentals of 21 days or longer.”

Other benefits added to the buyback program this year include:

- Shorter duration requirements: now 15 days
- New vehicle models, including the Peugeot 4008 crossover
- Flexible payment options, such as deposit only to reserve
- Expanded availability in peak travel months, including vehicles with automatic transmissions

Auto Europe manages the booking process, but once the reservation is completed, travelers work with Peugeot Open Europe if they need to make any changes, says the company.

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