Photo courtesy of BMW

Photo courtesy of BMW

BMW’s ReachNow carsharing service has officially launched in Portland, Ore.

To celebrate its second city, lifetime membership is free for a limited time, with drive time charged at an introductory rate of $0.41 per minute, according to the company.

“The city of Portland has long been ahead of the innovation curve, especially when it comes to transportation and technology, and we believe ReachNow aligns perfectly with the city’s commitment to innovative mobility solutions,” said Steve Banfield, CEO of ReachNow. “We’re excited to expand our carsharing service in Portland, helping members easily move across the city with our premium fleet powering a seamless experience.”

ReachNow’s initial Portland fleet of 260 vehicles includes the BMW 3 Series, MINI Clubman, and two-door MINI hardtop, according to the company. The initial Home Area will range from Columbia Blvd. in the north, 72nd Ave. to the east, Woodstock Blvd. and Sellwood Moreland to the south, and Goose Hollow and the Northwest District to the west.

ReachNow plans to add a mix of electric BMW i3 cars and X1 SUVs to the Portland fleet later this year. At that time, the Home Area will also expand to serve more of the city.

“With our green city credentials and a culture of early adoption, Portland is a natural location for ReachNow to launch its car sharing services,” said Portland Mayor Charlie Hales. “ReachNow and its partners will bring more than two dozen jobs here right from the start, and we'll work together to foster workforce connections that promote hiring diversity and create more jobs for Portlanders.”

The registration process via ReachNow’s app provides instant membership to qualified drivers — all that’s needed is a driver’s license and credit or debit card. Once registered, members can use the ReachNow app to reserve a car near them before picking it up, driving, and then ending their trip within the “Home Area.”

Members can park the car in any legal parking space on the street, including for free at meters and within residential permit zones, according to the company.

Following the promotional period, lifetime membership will cost $39 and drive time will be charged at $0.49 per minute, while parked time will remain consistent at a lower rate of $0.30 per minute.

All prices are inclusive of insurance, fuel, and parking at public meters on the street within the designated Home Area, plus taxes and fees, according to the company.

Currently, ReachNow serves Seattle and Portland and plans to expand to additional cities in North America over the next 12 months.