Best Way Auto & Truck Rental's Las Vegas location. Photo courtesy of Best Way.

Best Way Auto & Truck Rental's Las Vegas location. Photo courtesy of Best Way.

Best Way Auto & Truck Rental, a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Commerce Solutions, started an affiliate program in September to help expand its brand in the U.S.

Currently, Best Way has 18 corporate locations and four affiliate locations in Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Delaware, New York, Idaho, and Nevada — with more affiliates waiting to join the brand. The company’s main operating office is located in Las Vegas.

“The parent company of Best Way, American Commerce Solutions, believes the best way to move forward is to grow through a combination of corporate growth and affiliation,” said Alan Wagner, president of Best Way. “The interest in our affiliate program has been significant since we opened the program last month [September]. We plan to open an additional seven locations within the next 60 days.”

Best Way’s management has been in business since 1979. It has operated airport rental locations in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, and New York with a total fleet of around 4,000 vehicles and a staff of 97 employees. After the sale of Flight Way, the executives formed Best Way Auto & Truck Rental in December 2015.

“The type of affiliate we are looking for is an independent operator or existing franchise looking to co-brand that has a good operation that serves an airport and is customer-service focused,” said Wagner. “We want an operator with a desire to grow.”

Best Way is uniquely positioned for affiliation success because it can offer territory that is no longer available through most other car rental companies that offer franchises or affiliates, according to Wagner.

Through the Best Way affiliate program, affiliates will also gain access to a number of agreements with various online travel agencies (OTAs) and GDS sights.

Wagner says the Best Way program also offers unique aspects to a traditional affiliate network: Best Way can supply an affiliate with new cars through its financing and leasing programs.

Affiliates also receive insurance at competitive prices, a national reservation system, and discount on signage. In addition, an affiliate is given access to Best Way’s support staff and training, which includes car sales and financing.

“There are many more opportunities available to Best Way, and our Vice President Bob Thunell will be exploring those to partner us up with those OTAs that make sense for our business model,” said Wagner.