Attendees listen to a session at last year's Latin America Meeting.  Photo by Steve Reed

Attendees listen to a session at last year's Latin America Meeting. Photo by Steve Reed

The Latin American Meeting is returning for its fourth year at the International Car Rental Show, taking place at Bally’s Las Vegas, March 27-29.

This year, the meeting will be held on Monday March 27 from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m., before the start of the International Car Rental Show.

Designed for car rental operators serving Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, the seminars will answer questions about the specific challenges faced by Latin American operators of the car rental industry. The seminars will be presented in Spanish and English.

Here is a list of the seminars that will be presented in this year’s Latin American Meeting:

- “Update on the Brazilian Market”: Representatives of the association and federation representing the Brazilian car rental industry (ABLA and FENALOC) will present trends, threats, and opportunities for the car rental industry in Brazil. The discussion will include trends toward new models, updates on companies, and recent actions taken by companies such as interest in United acquired by Enterprise.

- “Insightful Data Analysis Operations: How Your Data are Compared with Theirs?”: This session will discuss the key performance indicators of four Latin American companies’ actual rental data (anonymous). The data includes time and mileage revenue per day, incremental revenue, utilization, and length of rental.

- “Understand the Concept of Mobility, On-Demand Services, and Uber”: This panel will provide a preview of the panorama of mobility in the immediate future by answering these types of questions: Where are the opportunities? What models and technologies are likely to succeed? What systems are currently available by Latin American companies? What are the threats from new competitors if your company does not evolve?

- “Rates of $1 in Latin America”: In some Latin American markets, the number of brands and competition forced low rental rates that have to be compensated at the rental counter by selling additional products. The panel of Latin American operators will cover topics like how to promote greater transparency and structure disclosures to customers and tactics to show greater value for the product.

This meeting is included at no extra charge to Latin American car rental operators who are registered for the International Car Rental Show.

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