Photo courtesy of Mex Rent A Car

Photo courtesy of Mex Rent A Car

Mex Rent A Car has opened a new affiliate location at Marrakech Airport in Morocco. 

“We are excited to share the experience and to learn from all of our affiliates and business partners around the world,” said Juan Carlos Morga, Mex’s chief commercial officer.

“Our Morocco’s affiliate works in a very professional and enthusiastic manner, two characteristics that we consider essential and that matches the Mex philosophy,” said Jordi Rivero, Mex’s chief product officer. “We’re sure we can accomplish all the goals set and expand to more locations within Africa.”

This is Mex’s first location in Africa, the third continent where Mex currently operates.

“Today Morocco has eight diplomatic missions in Latin America covering a great many countries in the region,” said Jacques Jalil, Mex Morocco affiliate’s CEO. “The evolution of political relations between Morocco and the majority of countries of the American subcontinent over the past few years encourages the two parties to undertake a new stage of deep cooperation that could expand to new countries in the region. Nonetheless, Morocco is likely to keep in mind the need to diversify its trade and overcome the effects of dependence on Latin American countries.”

“We’re pleased to have presence in one of the most emblematic countries in Africa,” said Chris Reveles, Mex’s chief technology officer. “Mex Rent A Car welcomes everyone who’s planning to visit this wonderful destination with arms wide open.”