Photo courtesy of Recall Masters

Photo courtesy of Recall Masters

Recall Masters Inc., a provider of automotive recall news, data, training, and communications, has announced a partnership with Record360, a provider of asset condition reporting software. Recall Masters’ real-time vehicle recall lookup will now be integrated into the Record360 app.

Rental companies now have real-time updates when returning vehicle rentals and/or during recalls.

Record360 offers app-based condition reporting software that allows rental companies and dealers to automate the asset management component within their rental departments — by digitizing vehicle conditions reviews, according to the company.

Last summer, new legislation passed on vehicle safety recalls, which results in a fine of $5,000 if a consumer is put into a rental or loaner vehicle with an outstanding recall. Rental car companies must fix any and all open safety defects before renting out vehicles to customers.

“Our two companies share a common mission, which is to help digitize archaic, paper-based processes still prevalent in the automotive and vehicle rental industry,” said Shane Skinner, CEO of Record360. “Processes wrapped around rental returns, and now vehicle recalls in particular, continue to be major pain point for dealers and other stakeholders.”

Determining recall status during the initial inspection process can help prevent customers from being put into a rental or loaner vehicle that has an existing recall and shouldn’t be on the road.

“Countless damage disputes impact relationships, customer satisfaction, and cause negative reviews,” said Chris Miller, president of Recall Masters. “Vehicle condition and claims management processes are dependent on paper or low-fidelity digital reporting, and Record360 fills the gap with a modern solution. Additionally, our integration with Record360 ensures that the user is informed of any open recall in real-time while the initial inspection is done. This helps build trusting relationships between automotive dealers or car rental agencies and their customers.”