Logo courtesy of Transfercar

Logo courtesy of Transfercar

Transfercar Limited, a provider of rental fleet relocation services to the vehicle rental industry, has announced a partnership with New York-based Abrams Consulting Group Inc. to build its client portfolio in North America.

Established in 2008 in New Zealand, Transfercar’s North American headquarters is located in Missoula, Mont. It has developed a fleet logistics platform that aligns inter-branch vehicle relocation and auction turn-back needs of rental operators with the personal travel plans of the general public, according to the company. This matching process is conducted through Transfercar's proprietary reservation portal.

The Transfercar business model can provide savings to rental operators by driving down the cost of repositioning fleet assets. Transfercar has proven the value proposition of its innovative platform-based solution and now provides services to 130 rental operator companies worldwide, according to the company.

Transfercar conducted a U.S. pilot program in 2016 to test the compatibility of its model with domestic rental systems. It has moved over 80,000 vehicles to date.

In order to continue to develop its U.S. expansion, Transfercar has decided to partner with Abrams Consulting Group, a consulting firm that has served the global vehicle rental industry for over three decades.

"Now that we have thoroughly tested and fine-tuned our business model both here in Australasia and North America, we are ready to grow the U.S., the largest rental marketplace in the world,” said Brian Karlson, president and CEO of Transfercar Limited. “In doing so, we immediately asked ACG to assist in our expansion strategy as a result of its decades-long track record of introducing new technology-based product and service offerings to the rental community. We are excited about our collaboration with ACG and look forward to becoming an integral part of the fleet logistics strategies of U.S. rental car companies, large and small."

"The Transfercar rental vehicle relocation solution is transformative and extremely cost-effective in moving rental vehicles between rental locations — one of the most perplexing challenges for fleet managers — at the same time creating an extremely inexpensive travel alternative for the driving public,” said Neil Abrams, president and founder of Abrams Consulting Group. “Most importantly, the reservation platform through which relocation requirements are matched with renter travel plans is simple, quick, and easy-to-use. We look forward to a very successful rollout of the Transfercar platform in the coming weeks.”