Logo courtesy of iBidSmart

Logo courtesy of iBidSmart

iBidSmart has launched a remarketing service that will enable rental car companies to auction wholesale inventory directly to dealers.

The new platform automates and simplifies the rental car sales process through a customizable auction and direct-sales tool. Now-for-sale rental cars can be displayed on the rental company’s website, allowing dealers to view inventory, submit offers and place bids on cars. The system then tallies the bids and posts invoices.

In addition, iBidSmart’s new platform will give rental companies access to an online administrative portal and mobile app.

“We saw a need in the rental car market: there are usually many fees associated with selling rental cars and it is a tedious process,” said Jamie Paul, vice president of business development. “With iBidSmart, auction fees are eliminated and rental car companies retain full control over the selling cycle. The system handles the entire defleeting process.”