Photo courtesy of San Antonio International Airport.

Photo courtesy of San Antonio International Airport. 

Travelers to San Antonio now have access to a brand-new, state of the art $178M Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC) at the San Antonio International Airport.

The facility makes it convenient for travelers to access rental cars in one centralized, on-site location. The short-term garage is on the first two levels of the facility and the next five levels are designated rental car areas. Access to the rental car area is through the sky bridge, taking passengers directly from the mezzanine level of the terminal to the rental car counters. 

The 1.8-million-square-feet CONRAC facility houses 14 rental car companies, a quick turnaround area for fueling, vacuuming, washing and light maintenance, and approximately 2,600 ready/return parking spaces. The CONRAC, just a few steps away from the terminals, eliminates the need for shuttles to take passengers to their rental car locations, enabling the airport to initiate significant improvements to traffic flow in the arrivals area.

In addition to the CONRAC, the city invested substantial resources in airport aesthetics, including detailed lighting and public art installations created by local artists Suzy Gonzales and Michael Menchaca.

The artwork celebrates 300 years of San Antonio history, focusing on the airport’s culture, architecture, and role in aviation history.