TML Information Services has been providing the car rental industry with online interactive access to motor vehicle records

for more than fifteen years. TML's DriverCheck service enables RACs to query a customer's official driving record within the time it

takes to get a credit authorization, analyze it based on a pre-defined rule set, and obtain a safety based rental decision

consistent with good risk management practices. DriverCheck helps car rental companies meet their business obligation to protect

their assets and minimize liability while satisfying a public obligation to not rent to someone likely to hurt someone else.For more information, call (800) 743-7891.

NS Corporation's Mini Express Wash is an automated wash system that's suitable for any fleet size. A small pad, a garden hose and electricity are the only things needed to begin washing cars with the system. The company's patented Lammscloth and Soft Scrub combination is also included to provide a thorough wash without damaging clear coats or paint finishes. Other system features include hose activation for both machine and rinse, a built in pre-soap applicator and a built in wax applicator. For more information, call (800) 782-1582 or visit

ARBOC Mobility offers a low-floor paratransit bus called the Spirit of Mobility. The bus is designed for easy entry and exit through the 41-inch clear door opening and allows for one step entry into the passenger area, eliminating the standard step entry application. The LP Model also offers the ability to add a ramp, which is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and can meet all non-ambulatory passenger needs. The Spirit LP offers configured perimeter floor plans with up to three wheelchair positions. For more information, call (866) 953-5555 or visit

VidTroniX specializes in direct thermal printers for the aviation and travel industry, with services including manufacturing, maintenance, design and parts supply. The three models presently available are the ATP 3 Travel Document Printer, the ATP MAP Travel Document Printer and the ATP RFID system. Currently, VidTroniX printers are certified with Amtrak, ARINC, AirIT, SITA, Ultra and IBM. VidTroniX has supplied more than 70,000 printers worldwide since 2000 and more than 9,000 thermal printers in 2008 alone. For more information, call (913) 441-4124 or visit[PAGEBREAK]

On The Move provides vehicle rental programs that include rental insurance and ancillary products, such as forms and rental software. The programs currently available are the standard car rental program, the members' car sharing program, and the members' truck sharing program. On The Move also offers customizable graphics for vehicles, truck rental software, Zero Base advertising and various types of roadside assistance. For more information, call (800) 645-9949 or visit

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems recently upgraded its RentWorks software to electronically capture a renter's signature with a signature pad. Before the contract is printed, a "script" is displayed to the renter with legal text for coverages, prepaid fuel, etc., which the renter then initials on the pad. The initials and signatures are then printed directly on the laser-based form. This module is included as a feature of Service Pack B9 for version 4. For more information, call (800) 304-5805 or visit

Linear Logic's new Digital Fuel Meter is a low-cost, easy to install and user-friendly device that directly measures how much fuel a customer actually uses. The device also is easily transferable from vehicles leaving the fleet to those coming into it. Installation requires plugging the device into the OBD2 connector under the dashboard, standard on 1996 model year and newer cars and light trucks, and pushing a few buttons to set up. To determine fuel usage, read the DFM at the beginning and end of the rental period (along with the odometer), perform the correct subtractions and determine fuel use to 1/100 of a gallon or liter. For more information call Ron Delong at (888) 433-5664.