Rate-Highway, a provider of competitive market intelligence, market analysis and automated revenue management solutions to the global auto rental industry, announced general availability of its Rate Concierge service. Rate Concierge is the first Rate & Channel Management Service to provide comprehensive management that is brand neutral.

“By inserting experienced revenue management know-how, only when needed, into our licensees’ business process, we are helping to advance the state of revenue management for the global car rental industry,” says Rate-Highway COO Julie Flores “Our subscribers have the ability to bring tremendous benefit to their organization by utilizing a highly skilled team, which if they had to pay on a full-time basis would put a significant dent in profitability.”

The Rate Concierge service provides:

  • Increased profitability by applying on-the-spot revenue strategy adjustments.
  • Reduced investment in staffing by using the company’s experienced resources.
  • Increased reliability and stability by allowing you to focus on your business.

More information can be found on Rate-Highway by going to

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