These questions were asked of Car Rental Show's attendees:

“What Is Your Biggest Business Challenge Today?”

Our biggest challenge is cracking the code to better recruit Generation Y for a more diverse workforce.

 Shona Nabity, Advantage Rent A Car, Ridgeland, Miss.

The biggest challenge is training and training execution among our staff. Listening to the training seminars at the Car Rental Show, I know the information, but now I need to go back to our facilities, execute it, and get people excited about it.

— Karen VanSistine, Hertz, Green Bay, Wis.

We’re running nine locations and find that each location has a different set of standards — everything from pay structure to work environment. We made one set of rules and posted it online to bring everything together. We’re just trying to find consistency in a larger independent company.

— Jennifer Romanowski, Ride Share Systems, a Dollar licensee, Morristown, N.J.

“What Was Your Strangest Rental Experience?”

I got a call from producers of a reality TV show who wanted to rent 10 Jeeps. They were returned to us covered from floor to engine in mud. Several months later, I’m flipping through the channels and see
my 10 sparkling Jeeps lined up. The contestants had to drive them through a muddy trough as part of an obstacle course on a reality show. I was standing there like, “Now I know!”

— Frank Colonna, Triangle Rent A Car, Raleigh,

Recently, a wanted double murderer came into the shop to try and rent a car. I wasn’t in the shop that day and he was turned down. A few days later, a CSI officer came to the door with a picture of the murderer. Apparently he got another car rental facility to rent to him and was stopped by the police en route to New York from North Carolina.

 Grant Bond, ACR (Alternative Car Rental and Leasing), St. Petersburg, Fla.

A Japanese man walked into my store and said, “We’re back! Give us all the same stuff as last time.” I had no idea who he was so I asked for his driver’s license thinking that would give me a clue. Turns out he was from California and I still didn’t recognize him, so I just said, “Remind me what you got again — all you Californians look the same!”

— Rodney Johnson, Pacific Autogroup Holidngs, Australia


“Why Did You Come To The Car Rental Show?”

The show has been exciting for us. There’s a major difference between now and 10 years ago in that the industry is more open to our market. We’re excited that the show has provided us with contacts to introduce ourselves to their industry.

— Ron Smith, Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals, Glendale, Ariz.

This is our first time at the Car Rental Show. The amount of information we gathered is almost overwhelming! We were able to get a feel for
what people want. We found out that rental companies want a way to track down a person who owes money on a rental, in addition to tracking down lost vehicles. We will definitely consider adding that service. It has also been very eye opening to see competitors working with each other to make a difference in the industry, especially legislatively.

— Kevin Carter, Collateral Consultants, Murphy, Texas