These questions were asked of Car Rental Show's attendees:


"Why is Attending CRS Valuable to Your Company?"


"Our presence at the show is key, not only to my current clients but also to new clients. We are here to support our clients and thank them for their support."

— Richard Oshiro, Rate-Highway Inc., Irvine, Calif.





"The show is a unique opportunity to connect with rental car companies from all over the world in a personal and friendly environment."

— Sachin Chaundry, JumpDrive, New York City



"Where is the Biggest Growth Potential in Your Rental Business?"


"The biggest growth potential is in service rentals and insurance replacements. There were a lot of insurance replacement rentals from the harsh winter this year."

— Gerry Burgess, Routes Car and Truck Rental, Toronto




"We hope to increase our luxury fleet and expand to other locations in Southern Florida. We are trying to expand to Orlando soon."

— Bruno Vargas, Speed Auto Rental, Miami




"Our biggest growth has been our recent partnership with Sixt and our Damage ID technology. We are excited for the potential of the Sixt business and the possibility of expanding to all the New England airports."

— Paula Vercollone, VERC Car Rental, Plymouth, Mass.




"When it Comes to Operating a Fleet, What Keeps You Up at Night?"


"Risk. The risk of having a renter that provides fake credentials and leaves with a car. The risk of damage and collision and dealing with liability insurance."

— Wayne Webb, Rent A Wreck, Marietta, Ga.




"Employee carelessness. I had an employee rent a car to a customer that provided a fradulent driver's license. I also had an employee rent a vehicle that was recalled. Managers need to work with employees to keep them informed."

— John Mallo, Budget Rent A Car, Las Vegas



"What's the Best Piece of Knowledge You Have Learned So Far at the Car Rental Show?"


"How the cellphone has changed the game. In Pat Farrell's speech, he talked about how the consumer will change the industry. Our boss should be the consumer."

— Duane Daisy, Rentazoom Car Rental, Barbados




"I liked Craig Manning's speech. We need ideas from outside the industry. It was motivating, refreshing and new." 

— Elizabeth Alonso, Midway Car Rental, Los Angeles




"It was helpful to learn about the techniques used to manufacture credit cards. Thieves can catch you off-guard."

— George Marlin, Chariot Rent-A-Car, Altoona, Pa.




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