Photo courtesy of Navotar

Photo courtesy of Navotar 

Navotar, a provider of fleet management software for rental companies, dealerships, and automotive manufacturers, is partnering with Wacom, the market leader in pen tablets, interactive pen displays, and digital interface technologies to deliver the digital signature capabilities.

Navotar, which has always had the digital signature option in their Mobile App, is now supporting this feature in their cloud system as well.

The partnership with Wacom allows for a signature pad that connects directly to the Navotar system. Now, when the program is activated the software is able to record the signature based on the movement of the pen on the digital pad.

Rental agencies can then print out a copy of the signature on the rental agreement and hand it over to the customer, or email them a copy of the signature and transaction. Navotar supports the concept of going green, and is working on many initiatives to cater to paperless car rental companies.  

Customer signatures can also be taken using mouse pads with HTML technology. The customer can simply draw their signature using mouse and it will get captured in the rental agreement.

Navotar chose to go with Wacom’s service to help optimize workflow at car rental companies. Wacom’s signature pad captures legally-binding electronic handwritten signatures, allowing rental companies to easily get clients’ signature during check-in and check-out.

Electronic handwritten signature systems come with all the benefits and safeguards of traditional wet ink signatures, but with much greater efficiencies.