Scenery from Guangzhou.  Photo via Jiang-wen-jie/Wikimedia

Scenery from Guangzhou. Photo via Jiang-wen-jie/Wikimedia 

Millions of people visit Guangzhou in China each year for the Spring Festival, and have found it difficult to return home using public transportation in the past.

The travel rush for the 2018 Spring Festival will be easier to navigate with the introduction of carsharing, Global Times reported.

Already averaging 500 carsharing orders per day, Guangzhou South Station’s “train + car sharing” initiative has helped ease holiday travel.

To order a vehicle, customers can use a mobile app or connect through the official Guangzhou rail group chat on WeChat. Cars can be picked up directly at the station and returned at more than 700 special parking lots throughout the city.

Guangzhou South Station is currently working with four auto companies to provide vehicles for the program, including Beijing Automotive Group and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation.