A Reddit user captured  and posted dash cam footage of rental car driver speeding and passing a vehicle unsafely on a tight corner near Queenstown, New Zealand, TVNZ reports

The video, posted by the Otago Daily Times, shows the rental driver in a 2016 Snap Rentals Toyota Corolla passing the Reddit user's vehicle on a corner, going about 91 km/h (51 mph). The Toyota rental barley misses an oncoming Jucy rental vehicle, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision.

Snap Rentals National Operations Manager Jono Bennet told the newsoutlet it is following up on complaints against the driver, but that it's likely the driver has already left the country.

James Dalglish, managing director of New Zeland-based Go Rentals, said in an email that this situation shows just how valuable road safety training is for all rental car customers, especially renters from overseas who are not familiar with New Zealand's traffic laws.

“In a perfect world all NZ operators would be [Rental Vehicle Association] members and also signed up to the Code of Practice in place for best educating our overseas guests," he said. "The RVA are continuing to work with operators and stakeholders alike to make NZ's road as safe as they can be.”

Police are also investigating the incidient, as New Zealand law requires drivers to have 100 meters of clear road ahead once they have passed a vehicle.