Photo: Daniel Ramirez/Flickr

Photo: Daniel Ramirez/Flickr

An Uber driver was caught on video threatening a Charley's Taxi driver with a weapon in a fit of road rage in Honolulu, Hawaii, reports

The Charley's Taxi driver, which was transporting a group of Japanese tourists at the time, honked her horn at the Genesis G80 after being cut off in traffic. The taxi driver said that the driver of the G80, who displayed an Uber sticker on the back windshield, held his middle finger up to the taxi before waving a bolo knife out of the window.

Honolulu Police Department sources have contested the taxi driver's account, and say her video was edited, removing footage that showed the taxi driver almost hitting the Uber driver, instigating the event. The Uber driver reported that he actually held his cell phone to show that he was recording the incident.

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Police are investigating the incident, but despite the Uber symbol and visible license plate, originally did not guarantee that the driver would be found. Ridesharing companies follow a different set of city regulations than taxis and do not keep a database of vehicles and drivers.

An Uber spokesperson says that the company is also investigating the incident for driver policy violations.

The incident follows the proposal of Bill 35, which would apply stricter regulations to ridesharing companies, similar to those followed by taxi companies.

This news item was updated May 14 to include information from Honolulu Police Department.

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