GRCGDS Releases New Carshare Platform

UK Based software company GRCGDS Ltd announces the release of its new carshare platform, Car Share Gateway.

“The new platform is a gateway for the car share industry,” said Rick Little, cofounder and company chairman, in a statement.

The platform is designed to bring connectivity to a variety of keyless technologies under one common set of APIs. It removes the restriction of car rental companies locked into just one keyless entry technology partner and allows different carshare companies operating on different platforms to coexist and work together, said Little, who is also CEO of the Right Cars Vehicle Rental brand.

“We are already working with several of the major players in the keyless technology sector such as Huf Secure Mobile,” Little said.

The platform allows the sharing of vehicles between different carshare companies under an alliance agreement, similar to the code sharing operations of the airline industry. “This will allow smaller carshare companies to cover greater areas,” Little said.

“Some vehicle manufacturers provide financing incentives to car dealers for investment in mobility stock,” said Little. “Our gateway allows any manufacturer to centrally control mobility vehicles by dealership, region, or globally.”

If required the vehicles can be made available to other carshare companies who utilize the gateway, Little said. As well, the gateway gives car rental brokers and travel agents the facility to grow their own car club membership base, providing them with a white-labeled app for vehicles from a wide variety of sources.

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