On May 2, 2007, Neil Abrams, president of ACG, made the following statement:

May 2, 1982–an auspicious day in my life as I went from a young executive at a large global corporation, to a self-employed consultant with a hope and a dream. With an IBM Selectric typewriter (remember the bouncing ball), a sublet office on Park Avenue in Manhattan, and a very part time assistant, I set out to create a niche consulting practice providing specialized management services to small, privately held businesses which had the needs but not the funds for similar resources of their largest competitors–I was to be a leveling of the field, so to speak.

25 years ago–fax machines, cell phones, PCs, and most importantly, the Internet–who could have foreseen the direction that the science of business would take, and the path that Abrams Consulting would follow. May 2, our 25th anniversary, is a true milestone for us, and one that I'm extremely proud to have achieved. At the beginning, you wonder if you can last 25 days, let alone 25 years...

As I reflect, the most rewarding part of this adventure has been the people I've met along the way, those who have become clients, colleagues, associates, and simply friends and acquaintances. I've been blessed, not only because I love the work that I do and the reputation that our firm has built; not only because the business has been rewarding to myself and my family; but as importantly, due to the enormity of the lives that I have touched throughout the past 25 years... and in return, the lives that have touched me.

It was an invaluable perk that I never would have anticipated when I ventured forth those many years ago. So I want to thank you all for making some contribution to the evolution of Abrams Consulting Group, Inc., for enriching my professional life, or simply for allowing me to enter yours. I am grateful. I'm not sure what is in store for our firm for the next 25 years... I guess you'll have to stick around to read my next 25 year review, but I have no doubt the challenges and excitement will continue.